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Why AC Minimum Temperature is 16 Degrees

The AC is an appliance that produces cool air at low temperatures. However, it must be used properly in order to keep a room comfortable. A minimum temperature of 16 degrees is still too cold for human beings, especially if they’re wearing warm clothes. Here are some ways to reduce the temperature in a room.

Reduces energy bills

Keeping your AC at a comfortable temperature reduces energy bills. Many people think that setting their thermostat below 18 degrees will cool the room faster. However, the same amount of time will be required for the room to cool down whether the thermostat is at 18 degrees or 27 degrees. Furthermore, setting the thermostat below 20 degrees will require extra work from the compressor, which will raise your energy bill. Another common mistake is to shut the AC off right away, which will not help prevent the cool air from dissipating.

Many people are already accustomed to rising prices, but there are ways to keep your home cool for less money. During the summer, keeping the air conditioning at a comfortable 16 degrees can save you hundreds of dollars a month. That’s more than half of what you’ll pay during the summer months. In addition, lowering your thermostat can help you reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Newer and more energy-efficient AC units can also help you save money on your energy bill. Ameren offers assistance to qualifying customers who want to upgrade to an energy-efficient AC unit. You can find out more about this assistance by visiting Ameren’s webpage.

Provides a comfortable living environment

The World Health Organization recommends that the minimum temperature for healthy people be 18oC (64.4 degrees F) and for sick people 20oC (68 degrees F). Temperatures below these minimum levels are associated with respiratory risks and allergies. Low temperatures can limit the amount of heat that can be used to heat a home. This can make heating a home more difficult and expensive for low-income families. Low temperatures have also been linked to poorer health outcomes.



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