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WhatsApp Message Template: The Ultimate Guide

What does “WhatsApp Message Template” entail, and how is it used by businesses for their needs? 

Using WhatsApp for business might make it difficult at times to start interactions with clients. This occurs as a result of WhatsApp’s business model, which relies on teams to provide customer care. 

As a result, you can respond to consumer questions, but it is unlikely that you will do so before they ask.

But why would this be done when using a WhatsApp message template to avoid spamming the subscribers is an option? 

Well, WhatsApp forbids you from spamming its users without taking this into account. To shield clients from daily discount mailings, we would all require spam filters.

A special structure called a WhatsApp message template enables companies to correctly produce marketing or promotional messages. 

Therefore, you may use the so-called WhatsApp message template if you wish to approach or target a broad audience. These are occasionally known as highly structured messages.

You will get knowledge about the WhatsApp message template from this post as we go through these elements.

  • What is the format for WhatsApp Marketing messages?
  • Template for WhatsApp conversation.
  • Example of a WhatsApp Business greeting message.
  • Business WhatsApp message format.
  • kinds of WhatsApp message templates

In this post, we go into further detail regarding message templates and how you can utilize them in your company to enhance customer service and communications.

The epidemic and ensuing lockdowns have severely hampered the high-street sales of fashion labels, inspiring the industry to adopt digital channels as more and more consumers opt to explore and make their purchasing decisions online. 

The Reason Why WhatsApp Message Templates Are So Vital:

The famous gateway for communicating with customers and promoting your brand is based on a WhatsApp message template, and that is what I want you to know. 

Greetings, broadcast messages, and sample commercial messages are all utilized on WhatsApp. 

Before sending these communications to the customers, the meta must first authorize them.

For the most frequent messages you intend to send often, you may create a WhatsApp message template that has been authorized by the administration to conduct the smart work.

Meta safeguards the end-user experience by using a WhatsApp message template since it is necessary to validate and approve all messages before delivering them to the clients. 

Both transactional and promotional messages must meet this requirement.

Have you considered what can happen if you choose not to use WhatsApp Business API? Why is using WhatsApp message templates necessary?

Although the WhatsApp Business App is free, you are only able to send promotional information to 265 people at once. 

In our earlier blogs, we’ve written more about the distinctions between the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API.

You may need to utilize the WhatsApp message template in the following circumstances:

  • if you intend to utilize WhatsApp’s business platform.
  • You may send WHATSAPP PROMOTIONAL MESSAGES to more than 265 people at once by using the WhatsApp message template.
  • When clients contact businesses, you can still get in touch with them after the 24-hour timeframe (In short, the WhatsApp message template is helpful to send outbound messages).

How Do You Use a WhatsApp Message Template?

With the use of a Whatsapp promotion message template, a company may send outbound messages following WhatsApp’s policies. 

Customers must accept the meta before any promotional messages can be sent to them.

Once clients have chosen to utilize your services and permitted you to send them messages with offers and product details, users may use the WHATSAPP MESSAGE TEMPLATE repeatedly to communicate with them. 

You must first submit the WhatsApp message template to WhatsApp before you can use it.

To ensure high-quality content and prevent spam, WhatsApp reviews and approves each WhatsApp message template once it is submitted, usually in less than 48 hours. 

You may use these templates to send alert, transactional, or promotional messages once WhatsApp has approved your WhatsApp message template.

When a consumer messages a business, WhatsApp enables the business to stay in touch with the client for up to 24 hours after the customer’s last message by using any type of message.

After this period of 24 hours has gone, you cannot initiate a discussion with the users, nor can you send a templated message without first having WhatsApp authorize it.


We’ve now covered the information needed to fill out the WhatsApp message template. The decision to employ the WhatsApp Message Template is now yours. 

This is our how-to for customizing a WhatsApp message template. 

Once a consumer has chosen to utilize your services and permit you to send them messages with offers and product information, users may use the WhatsApp message template repeatedly to communicate with them. 

You must first submit the WhatsApp message template to WhatsApp before you can use it.

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