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What Happens When Bumble Deletes Your Account?

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Expired matches stay in the match queue

When a Bumble account is deleted, all of a user’s matches will remain in the match queue, even if the matches are no longer active. This is because a user’s action is the reason why a match is not deleted. For example, two users swipe right on each other’s profiles. This instantly matches the two users and puts their profiles in the match queue. However, male users must wait until the female initiates the conversation before they can respond to it.

Fortunately, paid subscribers can reconnect with an expired match. Simply open the match queue and click the profile of the girl you’d like to message, or tap the Rematch button underneath their profile photo. If the match has expired, you can choose to extend it for a further 24 hours and start over again with a fresh match.

Bumble does not delete the match queue if it is expired. The only exception is if a user’s account is deleted. In this case, a deleted Bumble account will not remove the matches in the match queue. As long as the profile has not expired yet, the matches will remain in the match queue. This is a helpful feature for a user who’s just starting to explore the dating world.

Contact information disappears

If you notice that your contact information disappears when Bumble deletes your account, there are a few ways to get the information back. Firstly, you can try to contact the person by email. If this doesn’t work, then you should try to reach out on social media or via a text app. If the person doesn’t respond to your message, you can always try to unmatch your profile and move on to the next.

You can also block the person by selecting Hide and Report. You can also choose the reason for blocking them, which can be as specific as the person’s age or language. You can also select other reasons, such as lying about their age or using fake accounts. When a person blocks you, the conversation will be automatically removed from the list of your contacts and will be hidden from view.

Bumble users can browse their past and current chats. But if someone has deleted their account, you will be unable to see those conversations. Moreover, you will be unable to view the swiping history of the person.

Expired matches show up as grayed out

If you have accidentally deleted your Bumble account and you find that some of your matches have expired, you’re not alone. The dating app lets you easily unmatch other users. You can also block them, which is also a viable option. While unmatching an individual won’t get them off your profile, blocking them will prevent them from being able to see your profile again.

Once you’ve unmatched or deleted a Bumble profile, it won’t show up in your match queue again. On iOS, the deleted profile will show up as a “deleted” user, while on Android, it will show up in chronological order. This doesn’t mean that you should leave them there, but you should take the time to look for them again if they still appear in the list of people you’ve met.

Bumble also doesn’t let you search by name. While this can be a problem for some users, it also makes it easier for other users to see who you have matched with. For free users, you can extend one match a day. On the other hand, if you’ve paid for the Bumble Boost program, you can extend unlimited matches. This way, you can meet with as many people as you’d like.

Expired matches disappear after a user deletes a Bumble account

Expired matches on Bumble are automatically deleted after 24 hours or 48 hours. You can also manually unmatch a match. If you delete your Bumble account, you will be prompted to confirm your action. If you choose to unmatch a match, you will receive a message that explains the situation.

If you accidentally deleted a match, Bumble will ask you to verify that you’re deleting it. However, you cannot recover your matches once they’re gone. You’ll also need to interact with your matches to see whether they’ve gone silent. If you’re not sure whether a match is inactive, you can hide their profile temporarily or permanently.

If you’re a paid Bumble member, you can reconnect with an expired match instantly. To do this, open your match queue and click on an expired match. From there, tap the ‘Rematch’ button beneath the profile photo. You’ll know that your match is expired if you see a silver circle. Rematching will reset the match clock.


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