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Types of Cookie Tins

A cookie tin is a type of container used to package biscuits and other confectioneries. They are usually made of tin or steel. They are also recyclable. You can recycle them at any metal recycling center or scrap yard.

These containers provide airtight protection for dry and wet foods. They can also be used as decorative containers in the kitchen or pantry.


A metal cookie tin is a festive container for storing sweet treats or displaying them on a counter. The tins are available in many different sizes and have attractive lids. These tins are also ideal for gifting. They come in an array of colors and designs, which makes them a perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care.

Baked goods and other homemade goodies stored in tinplate can be kept fresh for long periods of time. This is because the tins are airtight and seal in the flavor and texture of the product inside. They can even be frozen without losing their taste.

Metal cookie tins are made of steel and tinplate, which is a material that can be recycled easily. It is a highly pliable material, which allows it to be imprinted with creative designs. You can recycle your cookie tins by gathering them together and taking them to your local recycling center.


The pliable sheets of steel and tin plate used to make cookie tins are also perfect for creating creative imprints on the surface. Tin is a scarce and expensive material, however, so only about two percent of a cookie tin’s total composition is tin.

Another popular upcycling project for empty cookie tins is to use them as a chip and dip container. A cylindrical container like the one from Lock & Lock, which has an airtight lid and comes in both tall and snack sizes, is ideal for this.

Similarly, you can use the bottom of a tin or box to store small items like measuring utensils, piping bags, and cookie cutters. You can also add a wired bow or a coffee filter snowflake to dress up your new storage container. If you are going to recycle your cookie tins, it’s best to collect them and take them all at once rather than individually. This will reduce the risk of them rusting.


If you’re baking an assortment of cookies to share with friends or family, a wood cookie box makes a unique gift. You can even customize the packaging by slipping in a card with a fun message or saying, a nice family photo, or a heartfelt letter.

To store wood cookies, start by applying Pentacryl on both sides of the cookie and soaking it in water for an hour or two. This helps the wood displace moisture and prevents it from darkening during storage.

To speed up the drying process, add a fungicide, such as Lysol, to the soaking liquid. You can also bury the wood cookie in dry wood shavings or sawdust to help it absorb the fungicide. This is especially important in high-humidity areas. If you’re using a wood cookie mold with a decorative design, the fungicide helps prevent the designs from rusting during the drying process. Then, the fungicide can be scraped off and the cookie lightly sanded.


Whether you’re storing cookies or a hostess gift, a glass cookie jar makes an attractive and practical addition to any kitchen. These containers have lids that can be tightly sealed to keep baked treats fresh longer. They also come in a variety of sizes and designs. Glass is aesthetically pleasing, easy to see through, and can be stacked to save space. Plastic, on the other hand, can be prone to chips.

A great way to personalize your cookie jar is by adding stickers, a cute ribbon or a piece of baker’s twine. You can also slip in a card with a thoughtful message or a fun family photo.

This white stoneware jar from West Elm features a simple design that can match most kitchen decors. Its tall cylindrical shape can save counter space, and it comes with a rubber seal to keep cookies fresh for longer. Alternatively, you can use this jar to store a different type of food, such as cereal or candy.



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