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Treating Conjunctivitis With Homeopathy

There are several homeopathic remedies for conjunctivitis. These include Euphrasia, Belladonna, and Arsenicum. They can all help reduce the swelling and inflammation, allowing patients to go back to their daily routines. But which homeopathic remedy is best?

Apis mellifica

When treating conjunctivitis with homeopathic remedies, one of the most common remedies is Apis mellifica. It is derived from the honeybee and is used in many other conditions, including skin allergies and inflammation throughout the body. Apis mellifica is also helpful for treating enlarged tonsils and difficulty passing urine. It can also help alleviate swelling in the scrotum.

Another common indication for Apis is in the treatment of ear infections in children. It is particularly effective in viral and secretory otitis media. It is also useful in treating occasional and chronic conjunctivitis, including chemosis and inflammatory edema. It is also effective in treating viral and allergic conjunctivitis in newborns.


If you’re experiencing red and inflamed eyes, Arsenicum may be the homeopathic remedy for you. Arsenicum is the classic poison, and it makes for an excellent homeopathic remedy. This drug causes nausea, vomiting, retching, and bile, and can also cause diarrhea. It also causes itchiness and dandruff.

Some symptoms of conjunctivitis indicate that you need this remedy, such as watery eyes, itchy eyes, and swollen eyelids. Other signs are a thick yellow discharge. This discharge can be itchy and can stick to the eyelids. People taking this remedy may also feel emotional, and may act irritable if they receive sympathy.

If you have conjunctivitis, your doctor may prescribe a homeopathic remedy for it. You may also consider taking Euphrasia, Arsenicum, and Belladonna for symptoms of conjunctivitis. The symptoms of each drug differ. For instance, Arsenicum is recommended if you’re experiencing watery tears or a thick yellow discharge.


Belladonna is an excellent remedy for conjunctivitis. It has a wide range of benefits and is more effective than some other remedies. It is particularly effective in cases where the disease is in its early stages. It can also modify the condition in more advanced stages.

Sulphur is another effective medicine for conjunctivitis. It treats redness and profuse tear production. It also treats symptoms like crusted eyelids and sensitivity to light. In addition, Belladonna works well for conjunctivitis due to its ability to soothe sore and swollen eyelids.

Although Belladonna is a single remedy, it is sometimes included in complexes for other conditions. For example, it’s useful in cases where blood rushes to the head, such as when someone has a hot head and a sore throat. In addition, it can help with pain, pressure, and twitching.


Euphrasia for treating conjunctions is an excellent medicine for treating allergic conjunctivitis. It is used to treat inflammation of the conjunctiva, eyelids and nose. It is effective for conditions such as allergic and irritant conjunctivitis. It is also used for blepharitis.

Homeopathic products containing eyebright have a long history. Its properties were recognized in the 14th and 15th centuries. Highlanders in Scotland used herbal infusions of the plant for eye conditions. It was also used to treat other ailments such as cough, hoarseness of voice, and earaches.

A homeopathic medicine called Euphrasia is made from the root and flowering portion of the eyebright plant. It is then sliced and steeped in alcohol to obtain the most effective medicine. It is particularly useful for eye conditions such as irritated and burning eyes. In addition, it can be used to treat coughs, runny noses and headaches. Its pleasant aroma may remind one of a smoky warm room or a fragrant garden.


Sulphur is a homeopathic remedy that is under-rated by the medical community. This remedy is most effective when used after an effusion, or inflammation, has already begun. Sulphur has an extraordinary capacity to reduce the inflammation. This remedy is often used for burns, rashes, and wounds.

Sulphur is also used for digestive complaints. It may be particularly effective for those suffering from diarrhea and indigestion. It also helps relieve itching and rubbing. Sulphur is also effective in curing respiratory infections and headaches. Sulphur may also help with menstrual problems and erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis can vary widely, but typically include red, burning, and inflamed eyes, mucus, and pus. Eyelids may also stick together. In addition, people who suffer from conjunctivitis are likely to experience pain, extreme sensitivity to light, and a dilated pupil. They may also experience intense emotional distress and may act irritable when exhibited sympathy.



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