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Tips to Select School Security Cameras

School security cameras are a valuable tool for deterring bad behavior and criminal activities like bullying, vandalism or theft. They also help families and students feel safe on campus.

School security cameras need to be rugged and durable enough for everyday use. Choosing the right camera for each environment is crucial to maintaining maximum functionality and affordability.

1. Video Quality

The school security cameras you choose must provide excellent image quality for a clear view of what’s happening. A high-quality camera offers an advantage when it comes to identifying suspects in cases of break-ins, fights and other incidents.

Hallways, cafeterias and classrooms are busy environments that need to be covered effectively. Look for pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security cameras with wide coverage that can be easily adjusted to accommodate specific areas.

Bullet cameras offer a classic appearance and may deter potential perpetrators by making them aware they are being watched. Harassment of teachers or students can have serious consequences for a child’s well-being and academic development, while false accusations damage a teacher’s reputation. Cameras help protect all parties when a situation occurs, and video footage can also provide leadership with accurate information on which to act.

2. Coverage Area

School security cameras have proven to be effective at deterring criminal activities, such as theft, bullying and vandalism. Having security cameras in hallways, cafeterias and outdoor grounds can make potential perpetrators think twice about engaging in these behaviors and activities.

Schools with security camera systems can capture footage of crimes, incidents and emergencies to investigate them for their internal teams as well as local law enforcement if necessary. This footage helps to identify suspects, reconstruct timelines and provide evidence that can help resolve the situation.

Ensure comprehensive exterior coverage by using school surveillance cameras that are powerful enough to capture license plates, people and other details with clear visibility. Classrooms and entryways should be monitored with high megapixel cameras that deliver top-tier performance at a price point that’s affordable for schools.

3. Motion Detectors

When placed strategically, school security cameras can help deter crimes or other incidents by making would-be perpetrators think twice. In fact, a recent survey of convicted burglars found that 60% said the presence of a surveillance camera prevented their crime.

For general surveillance, indoor school locations like classrooms and entryways are best served by dome cameras with high-density and wide-angle viewing capabilities, such as Rhombus’s R120. For outdoor areas, consider bullet cameras capable of handling variable lighting conditions and reading vehicular information (which can be used to alert operators to banned vehicles entering school grounds).

To further enhance situational awareness, look for security camera models equipped with video analytics. These intelligent features automatically detect suspicious activity and can notify operators so they can act quickly.

4. Intercoms

School security cameras deter crime, including theft and vandalism, by showing criminals that the school is aware of their actions. They can also be useful in catching the perpetrators and provide evidence for law enforcement.

Classrooms, hallways and cafeterias are busy areas where it’s difficult to distinguish students, staff and visitors from those who shouldn’t be there. This requires a versatile system that can adapt to any environment and ensure a clear distinction between these groups.

This is where an intercom system comes in. It enables you to see who is approaching the door and verify their identity in real time, helping to keep students, staff and visitors safe. It’s also ideal for use with access control. This means that all entry activity and live school CCTV footage can be viewed on a single platform, making it easier for security teams to monitor campus safety.

5. Access Control

School security cameras can help discourage harmful intruders that are putting students and staff at risk. The simple presence of the cameras can deter theft, break-ins, bullying, vandalism, trespassing and other unwanted crimes.

Cameras can help to identify people entering and leaving campus, while recording all activities at the same time. This helps to reduce crime as security guards and SROs can monitor all activity on the premises and respond faster when an incident occurs.

Schools that offer a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) school security camera system can provide the most versatile footage. These cameras can be used to capture a wide area and are often used in outdoor settings, such as parking lots. They also allow you to zoom in on specific areas of the property, making them more effective than a regular bullet camera.



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