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Things You Need to Know For Double Sided Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

With pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, double-sided tapes allow users to easily bond two different substrates or parts together. They can be used to paste pictures, frames, and stickers on the wall or to secure carpets and rugs in place.

When it comes to choosing the right type of tape, there are a few things you need to know. Some factors to consider include:

1. Material

Generally, double-sided tapes are made of polypropylene (PP) and provide a strong bond without leaving any residue behind. They are ideal for mounting pictures, frames and stickers on a wall, as well as sticking papers or fabrics onto a surface.

To get the best results, choose a tape that matches your bonding surface. Different surfaces have varying degrees of roughness and need different tape thicknesses. For instance, materials with low surface energy require a thicker tape to maintain a good adhesive hold.

The release coating used also influences the tape’s performance. Some manufacturers use a silicone layer to make rolls easier to unwind. Other tapes have a nonstick coating that prevents the adhesive from sticking to itself. This helps the tape tear easily and cleanly.

2. Adhesive

The type of adhesive used to create tapes greatly influences their durability and strength. It is important to consider the stresses that the adhesive will be exposed to, as well as any specific application requirements such as repositionability or permanent adhesion.

Adhesives come in a wide variety of formulations and can be applied to both sides of the tape. They can range from low-tack to allow repositioning to long-term, durable bonds that resist a wide range of stresses including shear, tensile, and cleavage.

Double-sided tapes are typically a thin polyester or foam carrier coated with two different types of adhesives. They also have a release liner, which protects the adhesive until it is ready to be applied. Once the adhesive is applied, it undergoes a process of wetting, which bonds the adhesive to the surface.

3. Size

There are several sizes of double-sided adhesive tape. Thin tapes are perfect for light applications and dimensional tapes are used for serious/heavy applications. The thickness of the tape has an impact on its strength and temperature resistance.

The type of material is another important factor in selecting the right double-sided tape for your application. For example, you can choose a polyester-based or rubber-based tape. These are good for irregular surfaces and are often recommended for splicing, laminating paper, cloth and other materials.

There are also some environmentally friendly tapes available for a range of applications such as clothing tape, exhibition cloth tape and tissue tape. These are lightweight products and provide more stability than adhesive transfer tapes. These are also ideal for mounting nameplates and laminating foam and cork products.

4. Color

There are many types of double-sided tape available on the market. They are used for various purposes and differ in color, material etc. Some of them are clear and others are dimensional. The clear ones are popular because they allow the end product to have a clean look. They also are useful in garments and other products that require a neat finish.

Some of the double sided adhesive tapes have a carrier in-between each exposed adhesive side. This helps to stabilize the adhesive and improve handling. It can also reduce over laminating on porous materials and enhance application flexibility.

The carrier material for double sided tapes can be polyester, paper and tissue. They are suitable for printing finishing, POS and foam applications. They are also ideal for mounting decorative profiles, moldings and trim parts for wide width lamination.

5. Printing

From temporarily securing clothes to permanently adhering components on jet wings, double-sided tapes are used across every industry. But selecting the right tape for your specific needs is crucial to ensuring that you get the best results possible.

Tapes with different characteristics come in a wide variety of forms and sizes. Some include cloth tapes that offer resistance to tearing and exhibit good durability; exhibition foam tapes that provide quick tack for fast assembly; and rubber and acrylic adhesive systems for weather stripping.

Other types of double sided tapes have a carrier fabric that helps stabilize the adhesive and improve handling. They can also offer a variety of printing options including hazard warnings, custom logos, and security seals. These prints can protect your products and keep them safe during shipping.



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