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The Valuable Role of Protection Dogs

Dogs are a wonderful addition to any home. They offer companionship, affection and even security through their watchful eyes.

A properly trained protection dog takes loyalty to the next level. These canines don’t pull on the leash or eat from the trash can, they are reliable, stable, and obedient to their owner’s commands no matter what.

1. They help deter crime

The world can be a dangerous place, and many people seek out additional protection for themselves and their family. While home security systems and other devices are effective, elite protection dogs offer an unrivaled level of security that cannot be matched by any other measure.

A well-trained guard dog acts as a visual deterrent, frightening opportunistic thieves and criminals who are looking for an easy target. Unlike typical household pets, these dogs are functionally trained to act on their owner’s commands without their owners being present.

2. They Aid in Detecting Threats

Protection dogs are highly trained and selectively bred to protect their owners from a variety of threats. They can deter criminals, apprehend intruders and even disarm attackers.

These canines aren’t your typical house pet, either. They don’t pull on the leash or eat food from the trash, and they take loyalty to a whole new level.

While the cost of a protection dog may seem steep, it can be considered an investment in personal security. These dogs can offer a level of security that is unparalleled by technology systems or human bodyguards.

3. They aid in searching large areas

Protection dogs are highly trained to search large areas for human scents. This can be an invaluable tool for a security guard, especially during an active incident.

Unlike a watchdog that is only trained to bark at an intruder and create a distraction, a personal protection dog takes functional training to the next level. These dogs can attack and defend their owners, as well as provide a valuable visual deterrent. They also work safely in crowded situations.

4. They Aid in Detecting Drugs

The same breeds that serve as livestock guarding dogs are used to help locate illegal narcotics. These dog teams often work at airports, bus stations, border crossings and sea ports.

Drug detection dogs are able to sniff out the scent of drugs without being exposed to them. During one incident, a K-9 team seized over $1Billion in cocaine from a ship.

Personal protection dogs are great for concerned parents, females, celebrities and business owners who fear that their life or family could be at risk. These dogs are trained to protect, patrol and search and bond very tightly with their handlers.

5. They Aid in Detecting Bombs

A security dog is a valuable asset for the safety of one’s home and family. While security systems and cameras may be effective deterrents, an elite protection dog adds a level of real-world, practical security that other measures cannot match.

Well-trained protection dogs have the ability to detect the scent of an explosive device. This allows them to alert handlers before an attack can occur. This pre-warning is crucial in protecting civilian lives. CTOC takes programmatic and contractual oversight of these dogs very seriously.

6. They Aid in Detecting Explosives

The threat of explosives is a reality we face on a daily basis. Thankfully, ATF’s explosives detection canines are on the job.

Dogs are incredible chemical sensors, far more sensitive than the best technology. They can sniff out narcotics, explosives and other chemicals, even when they’re hidden from view.

A good EDD requires a strong relationship with the handler, but independence is important as well. One study found that adolescent EDD candidates who ignored a human’s inaccurate pointing gesture were more likely to be selected for the role (38).

7. They Aid in Detecting Violent Crime

With heightened senses, including a keen sense of smell and acute hearing, protection dogs can help prevent crimes from occurring or escalating. They also give their owners an early warning to a potential threat, which can help deter criminals from attacking or entering the home.

In a city where burglaries and home invasions are rampant, many homeowners are turning to personal protection dogs to safeguard their homes and family. As such, top-level trainers in Los Angeles are seeing clients forking over six-figure sums for elite canines.

8. They Aid in Detecting Kidnapping

Protection dogs are highly specialized, and they require a lot of time and resources to train. Their level of obedience and off-leash ability are important factors when considering a family protection dog, as is the training of their handlers.

Elite protection dogs are an asset for anyone who fears their family, home or business may be in danger. While cameras and alarms can help deter theft, a protection dog is an additional layer of security that is unmatched.



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