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The process of printing is easy

Google’s Cloud Print is a new service for printing documents and photos from any computer, smartphone or tablet using a web browser. You can print from most web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, as well as from Windows computers using Chrome or Internet Explorer, Mac computers using Safari or Chrome, Android devices using Chrome, or from any iPhone or iPad using Safari.

We were amazed by the capabilities of Google’s Cloud Print we were able to print documents directly from our tablet and from a computer, regardless of its location. And we Same day printing London didn’t have to download or install any special software. With just a few clicks, we could print a document from anywhere in the house or office to a nearby printer, regardless of where the computer was physically located. We were even able to print our phone pictures right from the app.

The process of printing is easy. To set up Cloud Print on your computer, you’ll need to install the latest version of Google Chrome. Next, open your Google account in Chrome, and then sign in. Click on the Cloud Print icon in the menu bar and follow the steps to connect with your printers.



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