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The Longest Someone Has Gone Without Pooping?

The longest someone has gone without pooping is 13 years in one case, which may be due to a condition called Hirschsprung’s disease. This disease causes the intestinal tract to become blocked. The patient eventually dies from the disease, which can also be caused by famine, wherein there are no digestible foods.

Lamarr Chambers

Lamarr Chambers is the longest person to go without pooping in the UK. He went 40 days without a bowel movement, breaking the previous record of 33 days. He ate a diet of eight cereal bars a day and switched to a fruit and vegetable diet in jail. The police have been updating the public on his progress through Twitter.

He was arrested in Essex, UK, on Jan. 17 and has been in police custody since. Police believe he had swallowed drugs before being arrested. He’s now being held in a cell with a specially modified toilet to search for any evidence in his stool.

Michelle Hines

The world’s longest poop is a myth. Some accounts say it was 26 feet long, while others claim it was a whopping 8 feet. The longest poop, however, was created by an artist, Michelle Hines, in an installation. But the artist is not telling the whole truth. The piece was nothing more than a hoax. The average human colon is only five feet long.

The story of the longest human poop began in 1995 with a woman from Michigan. The rumor quickly swept the social media world. The woman, whose real name is Michelle Hines, claimed to have produced a 26-foot-long piece of human excrement in 1995. But she didn’t produce it in a bowling alley.

Lamarr Chambers’ 26-foot-long poo

Lamarr Chambers’ lawyers said that police should not have detained him for 33 days, even though he had not had a bowel movement in 33 days. They said that he was a danger to himself and others. Nevertheless, police asked the court to allow him to be detained repeatedly for medical reasons. Police said that they take detainees’ safety very seriously and that they do everything possible to protect them.

Chambers was arrested on Jan. 17, 2017, for drug charges. It was discovered that he had swallowed drugs before being arrested. His lawyer, Andrew Horsall, pleaded for Chambers to be released, saying he would rather die than poop.

Lamarr Chambers’ phobia of toilets

Lamarr Chambers has been held in police custody for 38 days without using the toilet. To keep the media updated, the police department has been tweeting with the hashtag #PooWatch. Then, after the 23rd day, they stopped sending updates. They said that Chambers would make his final announcement only when he is ready to poop. The British record for most days held is 23 days, but Chambers’s ordeal broke it.

After being arrested in January on suspicion of drugs offences, Lamarr Chambers was placed under police guard for 47 days. His refusal to use the toilet caused police to believe that he was swallowing drugs. Although the drugs were found in his stomach, he refused to poop. The police believed that he was trying to dispose of evidence by swallowing them. But the Crown Prosecution Service decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute him.

Lamarr Chambers’ long bowel movement

Lamarr Chambers’ 47-day bowel-hold without an empty bowel movement captured the nation’s attention. He had been arrested for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs in January and police had been chasing him. They suspected that Chambers had swallowed some of the drugs while fleeing through Harlow. The police remained vigilant and kept the public updated on his condition. Eventually, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped all charges against him. However, the court has since re-arrested him for a second time on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs.

Police were unable to force Chambers to go to the toilet, but they were able to offer him food and water. He eventually accepted a cereal bar and ate up to eight a day. He later started eating fish and vegetables prepared by his mother. He has also refused laxatives. Eventually, PooWatch came to an end after Day 24, and he has been receiving regular medical care since.



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