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The Best Dog Training Options in Bangkok

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know that training is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with your pet. Professional dog trainers can teach you how to communicate with your animal and set goals for their behaviour.

There are several different dog training centers in Bangkok that offer a wide range of services for dogs and their owners. Some of these centers specialize in behavior modification and others focus on obedience training.

Zoeta Dogsoul

Dogs make great companions, but they can also be challenging when it comes to training. Thankfully, there are many training options available in Bangkok to help you bond with your pet. One of the best is Zoeta Dogsoul, a dog training program that teaches owners how to communicate with their dogs. They have two locations, one in Bangkok and the other in Chiang Mai. Their dog trainer Sebastian is a master at training and creating a positive relationship between you and your dog. He offers both boarding and training services, so more people across Thailand can benefit from his expertise. Unlike most dog boarding facilities, Zoeta Dogsoul offers private rooms and comfortable common areas for dogs. They also provide complementary feedings and premium treats to keep your dog happy during their stay.

Camp K-9 Bangkok

Camp K-9 Bangkok offers a full complement of training and grooming services as well as a plethora of dog products. The company also specializes in educating owners on the proper care and feeding of their canine companions. Located in the heart of Bangkok, this effervescent enterprise is the brainchild of two intrepid females who are committed to helping dogs achieve their best selves. The company is a veritable gold mine of information, and you can count on them to deliver the goods on time, every time. The site is chock full of info on all things hounds and poodles, as well as an impressive list of adoption partners. The most difficult part of the process is narrowing down the pool to your favorites. Fortunately, the staff at Camp K-9 Bangkok are experts in their field.


SCAD, which stands for Soi Cat and Dog Rescue, is a nonprofit organization that helps Bangkok’s abandoned cats and dogs. They provide spay/neuter services, veterinary health care and adoption programs.

Scad also offers boarding and training facilities. Their training services include obedience, protection and companion protection, as well as resolving behavioral problems.

One of their biggest challenges is the huge population of stray cats and dogs in Thailand. Many of these animals are in poor physical and mental health, with a high risk of rabies.

They rely on donations and fundraisers to keep their doors open. Currently, the organization needs US$40,000 to relocate from their current home.

Aside from their animal welfare work, SCAD has a number of talented designers. They recently swept the student category at the UX Awards Summit, which honors innovators in digital products and services. Students earned gold-level awards for a mobile app and user-friendly solution that helps physical therapy patients feel more engaged in their treatment.



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