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Shop our wide range of natural fibre carpets at floorspace.com.au

People are suddenly waking up to the various advantages of using natural fiber carpets, which offer not only great durability but also helps to add a feeling of unique beauty with a touch of very natural and minimal elegance. There is a wide range of natural fibers available in the market, however materials like jute sisal, sea grass and coir are the most popular variant and each one of them has its unique quality and features which makes it unique.

All natural fibers carpets are not suitable for users in all parts of the house .Here are some tips to help you understand what kind of natural fiber couples you should use and what are the precautions necessary for ensuring their longevity.

 Natural fiber carpets do not go well in high moisture areas like kitchens or bathrooms. If at all you need to use a carpet in these areas use woolen carpets.

 If you have pets or other furry creatures in your home do not use natural fibers with large weaves, as it becomes easier for pets to dig into the weaves with their claws and destroy the bindings.

Natural fiber carpets and mats are more absorbent than normal woolen carpets which mean they are more stain absorbent.  Get your carpets treated with solutions preventing stain absorption before installing them.

Natural fiber carpets are coarser than synthetic or woolen carpet. So if you are planning to install them in your kid’s room cover them up with an additional layer of softer woolen or cotton carpets.

Natural fiber carpets are one of the cheapest varieties of carpets available in the market. If you are looking for a cheap option to cover your entire hallways or stairways, sisal or sea grass carpets can be your ideal choice as they have a very strong grip which prevents slipping.

Jute carpets are the ideal choice for bedrooms or the living area where the silken touch of the fabric can give a soothing sensation to your feet.

Coir is the cheapest variety of natural fibers carpets available in the market and is suited for usage in high traffic areas. Always remember to treat your carpets or mats before installation as they are highly susceptible to staining.

While cleaning your natural fiber carpets use a suction only vacuum cleaner to avoid any damages caused by cleaners with beater bars.

In case anything spills on your carpet do not rub them, as it may spoil the fiber and cause it to break, thereby damaging the carpet. Use a spray which coats the fiber and prevents the spillage from seeping in. Dry and granulated forms of care materials are also available which can soak up a major spillage.

 Last but not the least be sure that all your Carpet is installed by a specialist using all the approved installation products and methods.

Floorspace.com.au is a leading manufacturer of natural fibre carpets in Australia. You can place an order for your product online without leaving the comfort of your own home and choose from our wide range of natural fibre carpets. The price of each carpet varies depending upon the size, design and colour combinations.  You can also customize your carpet with your own design and gift it to your loved ones.

A carpet is something which stays with you in the house for a fairly long period of time. Carpets are expensive which is why you should take into consideration a lot of factors before finalising the carpet which you would add on to your living room. The two most important factors which should be kept in mind while using a carpet or rug is the texture and visual appeal.

There are several wide varieties of colour, designs and textures available in various price ranges for customers to choose from.  Before you buy a carpet take into consideration these following points which can help you in making a decision



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