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Private limited Company Registration 2023

The registration of your business secures your company against personal responsibility, creating greater capital contribution, and increasing the number of customers you can attract, offering more stability and increasing the business’s chances of success. There are many business types that one can sign up for. Businesses can be registered as a private limited sole proprietorship, partnership with limited liability, one-person-company, etc. each one has its own rules.

The term “private limited” refers to a Private Limited Company in India is somewhere in between a partnership company and a publicly owned company. It is registered with at least two persons. One person may be an officer and shareholder of the Private Limited Company. Private Limited Companies are governed in accordance with the Company’s Act 2013 as well as the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. It is a common and popular choice for business in India because it provides a separate legal entity, limited liability, greater transparency, and international recognition for the company. The ownership of the business is split among the different shareholders (Max 50 shares) in proportion to their investment in the company as shares capital. The responsibility of shareholders of the Private Limited Company is limited to the amount of shares owned by them.

Pvt Ltd Registration Process

First Step: Step 1 is the first one to get DSC. DSC is also called Digital Signature Certificate is very crucial for registration of a company and should be purchased by only those organizations that are designated as certified by the Controller of Certification Agencies (CCA). If you already have an DSC then you do not need to apply for a different one for registration of your company, however you should ensure that it be within the validity period.

Step 2. Request the DIN of the Director you are proposing to using the SPICe Form with the director’s name and address documenting the director’s identity.

Step 3. Make an application to see if the name is available. Keep at heart that the company’s name must not be identical to any existing company or trademarks that are registered in India. The preferred format according to the MCA for naming the company is Unique Component + descriptive name and Private Limited. This individual component should be imaginative, creative and unique in way, while in addition to complying with the guidelines. The name you choose to use summarizes your company’s business and provides benefits to your business or work.

step 4: The submission of MoA and AoA to create the private company.

Phase 5: Application for the PAN, as well as the TAN of documents of the company, provided at the ROC.

6. RoC Issues a certificate for incorporation along with an PAN as well as TAN. Following that, the company is able to begin business upon receiving its certificate that is incorporated after 15 business days.

Documents needed to register a Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration

Proof of Identity

PAN card serves as the primary proof of ID. Each partner has to present their current PAN information when applying.

(in the case in the case of Foreign Nationals/ NRIs) (in the case of foreign nationals/ NRIs)

Foreign nationals as well as NRIs are required to present their passports in conjunction with the documents. The passport must be signed by the authorities responsible for the respective country the foreign nationals as well as NRI otherwise, the Indian Embassy located in that country is also able to be able to sign the documents.A translated copy has to be presented after obtaining the necessary approval or notarization in the cases where the documents are written in a other language than English.

Address Proof of Proposed Directors

Address documents of Directors and Shareholders (Out of the latest bank statement, phone bill, mobile bill gas bill, or electricity bill must be presented as proof of residence. Check that the statement is not more than 2 months old.)

(in the case in the case of Foreign Nationals/ NRIs) (in case of NRIs or foreign nationals)

In order to be eligible for the program, Foreign Nationals or NRIs have to show proof of address , which is a driver’s license or bank statement, residence card or any other identity proof issued by the government, which includes the address.


All parties must supply the passport-size photographs. Although there isn’t a strict requirement for the size or resolution of the photograph, however, it is suggested that the photo be set against white backgrounds.

Registered Office Proof

The proof must be presented to confirm that the registered office address is that is registered for the private. Ltd company. Any utility service, such as electricity, gas, telephone or electricity. that shows its address property with the proprietor’s name, or any other document that is not more than two months old at a minimum may serve as proof of evidence.

When the offices are rented, the lease agreement and a no-objection from the landlord must be presented. This will be a formal approval by the Landlord to utilize the space that the company uses for its office.

Benefits Of Registering Business to a Pvt. Ltd. Company

Separate Legal Entity

Private limited companies are an entity legal and independent which is distinct from its shareholders, promoters, or members.

Limited Liability

In many cases, startups must get loans and to take loans. In the case of traditional Partnerships, Partners personal savings and their property could be in danger if the company is unable to pay back its loans. If it is a private limited corporation there is no investment risk. If the company is lost and personal assets of directors are protected.

Easy Transferability of Shares

Shares of a business restricted by shares are transferable by the shareholder to any other person. By completing and signing an application for the transfer of shares and then handing over the purchaser of the shares with share certificates can quickly transfer shares.

Benefits of Continuous Existence

The existence of the life of a Private Ltd Company is independent from the lives of its founders and members. The primary purpose for the registration of the Private Limited company is continuity of operations until the end of time. No matter what happens to those who incorporate the company as a private limited one it will continue to function over the years. Even if members, or in fact, all of them, fail to pay their debts or become insolvent The company is not affected.

Borrowing Power

A private business can take out funds in the form of Exempted Deposits and Issue of Debentures or the issue of deposits. Banks and financial institutions would prefer to provide significant financial assistance to the private Ltd business as opposed to partnerships and private companies.

Easy to raise money and to get loans

Private Limited companies Private Limited company has a diverse range of ways to raise money via loan from banks Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists, in comparison to LLPs and OPCs AdwebStudio.

Credibility and trustworthiness in Market

As a Private Ltd company is known as a well-known company structure, corporate clients vendors, government agencies are more likely to work with them rather than the traditional partnership or proprietorship.

The dissolution of the business

Another benefit of the registration process of an Private Ltd Company in a organized and well-planned way is that it’s possible to dissolve that company without difficulty should it becomes necessary.


Incorporating a private limited corporation is technical work and proper attention should be given when incorporating the private company. While it is true that the Government of India has taken several steps to ease the process of incorporation and make it easier for non-professionals to incorporate a private limited company, non- is not able to form a private limited business and must be appointed by an expert to carry out the task. If you’re looking to the process of Private Ltd company registration If so, you can trust SuperCA. SuperCA is a youthful and active team of MBAs, CAs, CSs and lawyers to provide our clients with a single-source solution using the latest technology and the experience of our professional staff.

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