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Our Machines Are the Key to Effective Parking Management

Parking management is a complex process that involves the setup, enforcement, signage, revenue collection, and mobile payments. It also helps regulate traffic and reduce the risk of accidents in the area.

Using technology to manage a car park is undoubtedly an excellent idea. However, it is also important to consider the fact that machines can break down at any time.

Automated Gates

Gates are one of the most common systems used to control access into a secured area. They can be installed at the entrance to a facility, or inside a parking garage to separate public areas from employee/secured parking areas.

Automated gates come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, depending on the needs and budget of the property owner. They can be made from tubular, Colorbond or slat-style re-enforced frames and are designed to withstand heavy push force while remaining lightweight for easy installation.

Safer and more secure gates are also available, with built-in sensors that detect contact instantly. These sensors prevent entrapment of pedestrians or vehicles, reducing the risk of serious injury.

Automated gates can be used to allow entry for vehicles with a confirmed parking ticket, booking or permit, while denying those without valid credentials. This helps keep the flow of traffic smooth and reduces parking bottlenecks, improving the efficiency of a parking lot or business complex.

Automated Lights

Automated lights are a popular choice for a wide range of lighting applications. They offer a range of convenient features, including dimming and the ability to control lighting levels remotely.

They are also energy efficient, with lights and lighting levels only being used as necessary. This can save users money on their electricity bills.

Light automation also gives users the option of creating a routine, making it easier to get up in the morning or coming home late at night. It can also help to deter theft in a well-lit area.

Getting started with automated lights is easy and inexpensive, especially if you choose to install smart switches or bulbs. These can be controlled by a smartphone app, voice commands, or a smart home hub.

Automated Barriers

Our Machines are the Key to Effective Parking Management

Automatic Barriers are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a parking lot. They allow people to park without having to wait in lines, which helps to improve traffic flow and keep the area clean.

These barriers also have the ability to identify vehicles by their license plate, allowing them to verify that the vehicle is authorized to be in the car park. Once they have done this, the barrier will automatically open.

They are especially useful in places where there is a high amount of traffic. They help to control the flow of vehicles, ensuring that no one gets into the wrong area or does anything illegal.

They are also used in gated communities and apartment complexes to ensure that residents can get in and out of the building easily. They can also be used to give temporary access to service workers who need to enter the building regularly.

Automated Signage

Automated signage systems provide users with remote access to manage, publish, and edit their signage solutions. This helps businesses save time and money while improving efficiency.

Using digital displays, businesses can also send automatic updates and relevant deals to customers while also staying regulation-compliant with the pandemic. This helps them keep up with changing customer preferences and stay competitive.

For example, restaurants can display wait times and exclusive offers while supermarkets can inform customers of current offers.

In addition, parking lot operators can link their digital signs to IoT-connected parking space availability systems that show detailed availability data for spaces and direct drivers to them.

In addition, digital signage software can be used to create dynamic playlists that change content based on context-sensitive triggers. This is a huge improvement over the traditional workflows that require a user to visit each screen in person to make content changes.



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