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Mastering Your New Mini 3 Pro: Pairing and NFZ & Altitude Removal Guide

In order to use the region unlock feature and altitude restrictionsfor your drone, youmustpurchase the drone or unlockitwith Flylusive. FlyLusive is a well-known brand that offers advanced drones with various features.

Areyouentering the world of drone flying with your new mini 3 pro hack? It’sareally exciting time!You may have heard of the NFZ (No Fly Zone) and altitude restrictions that can limit your drone’s capabilities.Fear not, this guide will walk you through removing these limitationsso you cangetthemostoutof your Mini 3 Pro.

1) Start the aircraft and wait for initialization. The ESC (Electronic Speed​​Control) will beeponce initialization is complete. This process ensures that all systems are ready.

2) Connect the RC-N1 to the phone.If you have an RC with a screen, just start it. Wait for theinitialization to complete and select Mini 3 Pro. You may see a “Firmware Incompatibility” message. If so,justclick”Next” and your device will beupdatedautomatically.

3) After the update, press CAMERA VIEW.This allows you to navigate through the drone’s camera and adjust its settings.

4) Go to Settings, then Controls, and finally Connect Plan. This willstart the pairing process between thecontroller and theaircraft.

5) On the drone, pressand hold the power button for 5 seconds and release after thebeep. This willputthe drone into pairing mode.

6) When pairing is complete, a confirmation message will appear on thescreen.

NationalHealthFundReleaseandHeight Limit
7) Return to the main screenoftheapp where you will see the Mini 3 Proimage. Press the profile button.

8) Thentap Unlock Geographies. This allows the drone to fly in areas previously off-limits due to regulations.

9) Press Licensetounlocktheplane. This is a crucial step in removing the altitude limit on your drone.

10) Finally,makesureyour license isactivated to enable #Mini3ProNfzHack and #Mini3ProAltitudeHack. Asaresult, your Mini 3 Pro can now fly without geographical and altitude restrictions.



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