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Lord Coe says G4S failed at Olympic security

The summer of 2023 will always be remembered for being a summer of sport. It all started with Andy Murray getting through to the final of Wimbledon. The London Olympics and London Paralympic games were unforgettable when athletics from all corners of the globe and of all physical abilities showed how amazing they were. The athletes told the pampered millionaire footballers how sporting legends should act. To round the summer off in style, Andy Murray won the US Open which finally ended the UK’s seventy six year wait for a Men’s Single’s Grand Slam Champion. If you’re curious, visit this website The Slient News

The Olympics captured the hearts and minds of a nation

The summer did not start in style though. The backlash against the Olympics was understandable on many accounts. After all, how could a country which is in a double dip recession afford two sporting events which only happen for a combined couple of weeks? Many were also concerned about the security firm G4S and their inability to provide a safe Olympic games, especially after military personnel had to be drafted in with only a couple of days to go. G4S were unprofessional and blamed a whole manner of reasons on why they couldn’t meet their contract. If they could blame it on the boogie, they probably would have.

Why this has come to the forefront of public news again is because Lord Coe, the mastermind of the London Olympics, has been giving evidence to the Commons Select Committee about why he believed G4S were unable to do the job they were hired for. Lord Coe said that G4S “failed to understand the size and complexity” of the Olympics and the only company to blame for the security debacle is G4S who, apparently, are the ‘world’s largest security company’.

So, what did G4S have to say for themselves at the Commons Select Committee? That there was ‘only’ a 35% shortfall on its worst days but there were still 4% fewer workers than there should have been on an average day.

Of the £236 million contract which G4S was awarded, only £90 million has been paid so far. The last payment was made to G4S on the 13th July which was two days after G4S announced that they wouldn’t be able to provide enough security professionals for the Olympic Games which started on the 27th July. The £57 million management fee is still being claimed by G4S.

They should be so lucky

When a recruitment company in the private sector is asked by a business to find a couple of suitable people for a new team, they are required to meet the terms and conditions which are in a contract. A recruitment company might also be asked to train recruits so that certain tasks can be completed. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the people who have been recruited begin their new position and the company who hired them is very happy with their performances.

Now, imagine if a recruitment company only hired a percentage of the workers which were in the contract they signed and that they couldn’t fulfill their obligations? Fines would be imposed and a black mark would probably be cast against the recruitment company. If you’re interested in learning more, visit this website Bumber

Multiply the number of people which a recruitment company would have to hire by several thousand and that is what G4S were expected to do. The workforce which G4S would have provided was not for a small business based in the middle of nowhere – this was for a huge sporting event which would be watched by billions of people across the world. The roles that they should have been hiring for were the most important of the Olympic workforce. The Olympics is probably the number one target for terrorists and G4S were very unprofessional. To think that they now expect their managerial fee which is worth tens of millions of pounds is shocking. If they had managed the Olympics security properly, enough security professionals would have been hired and Lord Coe wouldn’t have had to ask for help from the military, many of whom were due to go on leave.

Shame on you G4S. You deserve to be paid nothing.



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