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Jira and Confluence – Why and How to Use Them Together

Having an integrated project management solution for your team is a must, and both Jira and Confluence can help you accomplish that goal. Confluence lets you search and view your Jira software issues from a single location. Then, when working on a specific issue, you can select it from the issues list in Jira and click ‘Add to Confluence’ to automatically update the Confluence page with the latest information.

Confluence Software

Confluence software is a web-based corporate wiki that was originally developed by Atlassian, an Australian software company. It is written in the Java programming language and first came out in 2004. It has many features that make it ideal for use within a company’s IT department. Its standalone version comes with a built-in Tomcat web server and SQL database, and it also supports many other databases.

Users can create pages and blogs that can be commented on and edited by team members. The platform also helps teams centralize knowledge and information in one location. Confluence software also lets users attach files, display spreadsheets, and other files, and enables team members to collaborate on content in real-time.

Jira Software

JIRA was developed by the Australian Company Atlassian. This software can be used to track bugs, issues, and project management. JIRA’s full form comes from “Gojira”, which is Japanese for “Godzilla”. This tool can be used to track bugs and issues related to your mobile apps and software.

It can also be used to manage projects. JIRA dashboard has many functions that make it easy to handle issues. Below are some of the key features. Let’s now learn Jira Defect and Project tracking software using this Training Course.

jira pricing

Jira and Confluence are two project management tools that can help you manage projects and teams. These two tools have many features that work together. Both allow you to keep track of project progress and track changes between releases. In addition, they integrate with each other to improve collaboration and access to information.

If you’re planning to purchase a license for Jira or Confluence, you’ll need to select the number of users you’d like to use. If you only need to use Jira or Confluence for a small group, a free tier will work. The free edition is intended for university students and will save you money on support costs. Atlassian’s cloud services for Jira and Confluence are also discounted.

Jira pricing depends on the number of users and the hosting variant. You’ll pay more if you need more than 100 licenses. You can also get a tiered discount if you have more than 100 users.

Confluence pricing

Jira and Confluence pricing differ from one another in a number of ways, but they both provide a wide range of features and flexibility for the price. Confluence has several pricing plans, including a free version and a standard plan. The free plan allows up to ten users and two of storage. Standard plans cost $5 per user per month. You can also get Confluence as a server or data center solution.

Jira is more affordable than Confluence, but its features are more extensive and offer more integrations. Additionally, it offers in-depth analytics and provides over a dozen reports geared towards agile teams. Furthermore, it allows you to set up private discussions and tracks work speed.


Jira and Confluence are complementary project management software tools. They integrate with one another to bring together the issue-tracking and collaboration features of each. Users can view project progress, outstanding work, and other details in one place. In addition, they can create and assign Jira issues for each task. This allows teams to collaborate more efficiently and avoid duplicating or out-of-date copies of documents.

Both Confluence and Jira are great tools for tracking issues and bugs. When used in tandem, they provide an easy way to publish monthly highlights, share team discussions, and collaborate with others. Confluence also helps you keep track of troubleshooting guides and other best practices.



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