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How to View Posts You’ve Liked on Instagram

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Instagram allows users to see the last 300 posts they’ve liked. They can then tap the thumbnail to see the post in full. Users can also sort the list based on several criteria. However, this feature is only available in the mobile app. Desktop users will not be able to view their liked posts.

How to view posts you’ve liked on Instagram

If you’ve noticed that you’ve liked a lot of posts, but can’t see them, you’re not alone. Instagram users can’t see the liked posts of others, but they can view their own. If you’re wondering how to view posts you’ve liked, there’s an easy way to do it. First, go to your profile page. From there, click on the ‘Your activity’ tab.

You can also view the posts that you’ve liked from within the Instagram app. To do this, you’ll need to be logged in and click on your profile icon in the bottom right. From there, you’ll find a list of posts that you’ve liked and can bookmark them.

Another great way to view posts you’ve liked on Instagram is by sorting them in chronological order. If you’re a big fan of a certain brand or post, you can quickly find the one that you like the best. If you’d rather view posts by date instead, Instagram lets you do that too.

In the same way as you can sort your post feed, you can also sort your liked posts by author. This will help you find the photo you’re looking for. To view posts in chronological order, you’ll need to tap ‘Sort & filter’. If you don’t like the results, you can undo it by tapping ‘Reset’ or ‘Apply’.

How to read instagram posts

If you want to read posts you’ve liked on Instagram, you’ll need to use the mobile app. It allows you to see up to 300 posts that have already been liked by you. Then, you can tap on a thumbnail and read the original post. You can also sort the likes by different criteria. However, you can only view these posts on the mobile app.

How to see other people’s liked posts

If you’ve ever wondered how to see other people’s liked posts on the popular photo-sharing social networking site, you’re not the only one. If you have a public profile, you can see the full list of who has liked a specific post. However, the list is not comprehensive. If you have a large post that has received a large number of likes, you’ll want to manually count the number of likes.

If you’ve noticed that some of your friends and followers are liking your photos or videos, you’ll want to see who is liking them. While this feature is available in the Instagram app, it’s not available on third-party apps. Also, if you’re looking for someone who has commented on a photo or video, you’ll need to go to their profile.

Another way to find out who’s liked your posts is to sign in to Instagram. Go to your profile page and tap the menu icon. From here, choose “Likes” and then scroll down. You can also sort the posts by date, from oldest to newest.

To check how many other people have liked your posts, first make sure that you’re following them. If you’re following a person, you can tap their name in the list of followers to see their likes. If you don’t want to see their likes, however, you can turn off the’show activity status’ in Settings.


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