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How to Uninstall Apps on PS4

how to uninstall apps on ps4

If you want to delete games or apps from your PS4, you need to learn how to uninstall them from the console’s main menu. To do this, first login to your profile and then scroll down to the home screen to find the game you want to remove. Once you’ve selected the game, press the Options button on the controller. A warning message will appear stating that removing the game will delete it from the drive. Press OK to confirm the deletion.

Delete games

You can delete games from PS4 storage by choosing the game’s icon in the system storage menu. Select the option “Delete”, and confirm the deletion. The game will be removed from your system storage and the PS4 library. You can also choose to delete the game’s files from the PS4 home screen.

The process for deleting games from your PS4 library is simple and requires just a few seconds. Select the game and click the square button on your controller to confirm its deletion. A warning message will pop up before the game is removed, so be sure to confirm that you want to delete it.

After pressing the Options button, you can see the list of games and applications you have installed on your PS4. You can also sort the games by size and press the X button to select it. If you don’t want to delete a game, you can also delete the game’s add-ons.

Delete saved data

If you want to uninstall apps and games from your PlayStation 4, you should first press the Options button on the console. This will open a list of the applications and games you’ve installed. They will be sorted according to size, with the largest ones at the top. You can then select and delete the files that you want to delete.

Once you’ve selected the games you want to uninstall, you can choose whether you want to delete the saved data. You can delete one or many games, depending on how large they are. The list will show you how much space the game or app has taken up.

Delete apps

There are a couple of ways to delete apps from your PlayStation 4. The first is to go to the PS4’s settings menu. From there, you can find and uninstall games and saves. Alternatively, you can go to the functions menu and select System Storage and select Delete Application.

Once you have opened the system storage menu, you can see a list of all installed games. Each entry shows how much space the game is taking up. Select the game you wish to delete, and then press “Delete”. If you want to keep the game files, you can recreate it later. The PlayStation 4 hard drive is a large storage space. Using this feature can help you free up a lot of space.

Another option is to factory reset your PS4. The downside to this is that factory reset will remove all personal data, including games. However, if you’re careful, you can re-install a deleted game.

Rearrange menus

The PlayStation 4 offers an option to rearrange menus after uninstalling apps. To do so, open the System Settings menu by pressing the button on the main controller. Then, select Home Screen from the list of options. This will let you rearrange your menus and select the apps you wish to move to the main screen. Depending on your preferences, you can use the PlayStation’s built-in shortcuts or third-party apps and custom launchers to do so.

Besides making the home screen look more organized, you can also rearrange the games menu. You can group similar games and apps together and arrange them alphabetically. You can also create folders to organize your games by genre or game status.

Manage storage space

In order to manage storage space when uninstalling apps on PS4, go into the System Storage menu. This will show you the space used by all installed applications and games. You can also see how much space is available in free space. The list will include data used by applications, themes, capture gallery, and saved games. Games will typically use the most space.

In order to free up storage space, users should uninstall apps and games that consume more space than is listed. This will free up storage space and allow users to install new games and applications. It’s also possible to upgrade the internal storage of your PS4 to a bigger size.


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