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How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram


If you want to know who recently followed you on Instagram, you can use an application called IGExport. This application allows you to export all the usernames you follow in chronological order. IGExport is available on Google Chrome and can also be installed on your taskbar. To use it, just copy and paste the user’s username into the tool’s search box. After you do that, click on the following option to get a list of who recently followed you.

IGExport is a free extension for the Chrome browser that allows you to view the names of those who have recently followed you on Instagram. You can install the extension in Chrome Webstore and pin it to your Chrome menu. Once you have installed the extension, log into your Instagram account from your laptop. Click the search bar and enter the person’s username. IGExport will then generate a report for you.

The extension is also available for MacOS and Windows. To install the extension on your Mac, open Chrome and click on the Extensions button. The extension can be pinned to the taskbar. Once the extension is installed, open the extension and type the user’s username in the search bar.

Activity log

It’s possible to track the activities of other Instagram users, including who they’ve followed. But you can only do so using a paid app. To do this, you’ll need a tool called SnoopReport. This app lets you see who someone recently followed and whether or not they’ve liked any of their posts.

While there are other ways to do this, most of them require third-party applications or are tedious and complex. If you’re looking for a more convenient way, you can use a third-party Instagram monitoring app like Spylix. This app presents the information in a simple, readable format. You can download this app by entering the email address of the person you’d like to track.

Another way to track who someone has followed on Instagram is to check their activity log. The Activity tab displays the number of people they’ve followed recently. This information may be useful for spotting spam accounts or suspicious profiles. If you’re concerned about the safety of your data, it’s worth it to use the tool to monitor the activity of a specific Instagram account.

Interactions count as an interaction

Instagram allows you to see who someone has recently followed. You can also see how many people they’ve DM’d or liked. Generally, an interaction on Instagram is considered one impression. This includes DMs, likes, and comments. Accounts that interact with their followers often will appear at the top of the list.

Instagram users can also see what times of day their followers are online, the days of the week they’re most active, and how many interactions each post has received. These insights can help brands better engage with their customers and build relationships. To find out who your followers are, head over to their profile and click on the ‘Insights’ tab. This will show you who’s been following you the most and who’s followed them the least.

Using their activity log to know their likes and dislikes

If you want to know who someone recently followed on Instagram, you can use their activity log. This can give you valuable information, such as who they follow, what they post about, and when they are active. It can also help you understand what your partner or significant other is into. You can target your ads accordingly.

Using their activity log to know who someone has recently followed on Instagram is a great way to determine whether they are someone you should be concerned about. The social media app allows users to see a list of recent followers by tapping on the Explore button. You can also use the search box to look up your friends’ usernames. Once you have found a friend’s profile, tap the Follow button. From there, you can see the activity log for all of their followers.

In early April, an Instagram influencer shared an innovative hack to see who a friend has been following. Kornelija Slunjski, a Miami-based model, posted the secret trick on her Instagram account. She captioned her viral Instagram reel: “Thank me later.” However, the following activity tab was discontinued by Instagram in October of 2019. The tab allowed users to see who liked their posts and added them to their profile.


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