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How to Get to Block DP in World of Warcraft

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Blocking DPs is a way to beat them, but they don’t always have the best positioning. They might try to bait you, light punch, or block in order to get away. Oftentimes, players who try to block a DP will also try to punish the DP if it gets away. Characters like Necalli are also vulnerable to DP attacks, so it’s important to avoid being baited by DPs.

Moovit helps you find the best way to get to Block DP

There are several ways to get to Block DP. You can take a bus or take a taxi, and Moovit will show you the best routes and times to get there. It will also show you how long it will take to get from one place to the next, and which nearby stops are closest to your destination.

Component APIs specify their dimensions

In a nutshell, component APIs allow you to access functionality that is part of a component without the need to build it yourself. The APIs allow you to traverse component hierarchies and deliver the configuration values required by individual modules. A common example is a hairline drawing element. A hairline takes up no space, but it does draw a single pixel. This is independent of the resolution and density of the device.


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