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How to Downgrade Your Costco Membership

downgrade costco membership

If you want to downgrade your Costco membership, it can be done for a small fee. Just make sure to bring your membership card with you. This will help you if a member asks you to show it. You can also cash it in, if you’re unhappy with the price.


If you have a membership with Costco but no longer use it, you can cancel it at any time. To do so, call the customer service line and speak to a representative. The representative will ask for personal information and your membership number. They will then issue a refund of your membership fee. You can also use DoNotPay to cancel your membership automatically.

Cancellation of Costco membership is easy to do. You can follow a few easy steps to complete the process. First, you must call the customer service line and explain your situation. If the customer service rep is not available, you should try to speak to another member. In most cases, you will be able to cancel your membership after a few days.


It is possible to downgrade your Costco membership if you no longer want the perks that come with executive membership. The process shouldn’t be complicated and it can be done right at the Costco store. However, you should be aware that you’ll need to present your membership card to the person at the counter in order to receive a replacement.

If you have a membership with Costco, but no longer need the benefits, you can downgrade your membership. To do so, sign into your account and go to the “Membership” page. Next, look for the “Downgrade Membership” option in the menu. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete your request. You can also upgrade your membership online or call an account manager if you wish. However, it is important to remember that you must visit a warehouse location to take advantage of the discounts.

Cash it in

To cash it in when you downgrade your Costco member card, simply visit the membership counter at any warehouse location. When you are asked for a copy of your card, you should be able to provide it. Then, you can shop as usual. Alternatively, you can also call the company and downgrade your membership at the store.

However, if you rarely shop at Costco, it is not worth it. In that case, it is advisable to downgrade your Costco membership to the standard package. The standard package is ideal for anyone who spends less than $3,000 a year.

Credit card

Downgrading your Costco membership shouldn’t be difficult. The first step is to find the right place to do it. If you’ve lost or damaged your membership card, visit the membership counter to exchange it. You’ll need to provide proof of identity. You can also call Costco’s 800 number and cancel your membership.

If you have the option, you should downgrade to a lower-fee or benefit card. It doesn’t necessarily mean opening a new account, but you should keep the same credit card number. You should also retain your online login information. This way, your account history, credit limit, and other factors shouldn’t change.

If you only shop at Costco once or twice a week, downgrading to a standard membership might be a good option. You’ll still have access to the store during normal hours. Just be prepared to queue if you’re a frequent customer.

Online account management

If you’d like to downgrade your Costco membership, you can do so online. First, sign in to your Costco account. Click on “Membership Details,” then “Downgrade Membership.” Follow the steps outlined on your screen. You can also downgrade your membership over the phone, provided you’re an account manager or a principal member.

To downgrade your Costco membership, you must be the primary member or the account manager. You can also update the details of your account online. You can also add or delete the number on your membership. Make sure to provide valid ID to the person on the other end of the phone.

If you don’t want to keep up with the high cost of Executive membership, you can downgrade your membership to the standard level at any time. You can even claim a refund for the difference between your standard and executive memberships. You can use the difference to pay off your credit card bill, or put it in your savings.


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