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How to Delete All Searches in Google Analytics

If you want to delete all searches in Google’s history, you can do it manually by going to the Activity tab and selecting the “Delete activity by product, day, or page.” You can also filter your search history by date or product to see only the items you really need. After you find the items you want to delete, you can simply click on the “X” next to each one.

How to disable auto-delete option on Google search history

Google has an auto-delete option that lets you choose to delete certain search history entries automatically. The feature lets you delete searches from a specific time period or date range. It also lets you filter your searches by date. For instance, if you have recently searched for a product, the auto-delete feature will automatically delete the activity within 3 months. To disable the auto-delete option, simply open the Google search history and click on the X button in the top right corner.

This feature was announced during Google’s I/O 2021 conference in May. A few months later, it made it to the iOS app. However, it took almost a year for it to hit the Android platform. The auto-delete feature is now rolling out for Android users.

You can also delete your history by time or location. Google will remove older history after 18 months. By default, the auto-delete feature will be turned on for new users.

Delete activity by day or product

There are a few ways to delete an activity in Google Analytics. You can delete it by day, product, or keyword. The first step is to go to the My Activity page and click on the menu button at the top left corner. From here, you can choose to delete activities for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, all time, or a custom range. To select a custom range, you must enter two dates in the After and Before fields.

You can also choose to delete individual items from your Google activity. This will delete all the items that were viewed or searched on your device. For example, if you have visited the Google Shopping site a lot, you can choose to delete all your activities related to that product. Another option is to delete all your activity by day, product, or search bar.

Delete activity by page

In order to delete your activity from Google, go to the “My Activity” page and click the menu button in the upper-left corner. Scroll down and click on the “Delete activity by.” Here, you can choose the time range in which to delete your activity. You can select the past three months, the past 18 months, or the past 36 months. After selecting a date range, you will be asked to confirm your deletion.

Google also offers a feature that allows you to delete all of your history. This feature allows you to delete all searches you have made or activities on your Chrome browser or Android device. You can also choose to delete your YouTube search history. This feature also lets you deselect Google’s services that collect this data.

In Google Chrome, you can choose to delete your history for all time or just selected periods. You can also select specific sites and services to delete.

Delete activity by product

Delete activity by product is a feature that lets you delete the activity for a certain time frame. You can delete activity for the past seven days, the last 30 days, or the last year. You can also select a custom date range and specify two dates for the After and Before fields. When you have completed the deletion, the activity will no longer be displayed.

To delete an activity by product, tap the ‘X’ button on the product’s toolbar. If the product is not active, you can delete it manually. If you added a product by accident, you can select it and click Delete. Alternatively, you can use filters or search manually.



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