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How to Delete All Reddit Comments

delete all reddit comments

If you’d like to remove all your Reddit comments, there are a few options available. Some of them are Chrome extensions, KeyBaseIO, and Scripts. You can also use the Reveddit notification system. However, you should be aware of their limitations.


If you’re worried about your personal information being used for marketing purposes, KeyBaseIO will help you keep it secure and private. It uses a cryptographic key to protect your private data. But the downside is that it might not always work. Reddit is constantly changing its API, which makes it difficult to keep up with.

Reddit is a wonderful community for learning about trends and opinions. However, it can also be a hotbed for flame wars and know-it-alls. Thankfully, there’s a way to delete old comments. If you’d like to keep the community’s content clean, KeyBaseIO is an easy and effective solution.

To use KeyBaseIO, you’ll need to download the extension and log in to your Reddit account. Then, click on the “Overwrite & Delete All My Comments” option in the right corner of the extension’s interface. This will delete all the Reddit comments associated with your account.

Chrome extension

You can easily delete all the comments on your Reddit account by using a Chrome extension. Just download the extension and add it to your web browser. This will delete all your Reddit comments and history. You can even delete Reddit posts and subreddits. You can also turn off the Reddit history, if you wish to.

The extension works in a similar way to a Chrome script. When you visit a Reddit website, you’ll see a menu at the top of your browser. Click on the extension, and it will add a section for you to delete all the comments from Reddit. This is very helpful if you delete a whole thread and want to go back.

This feature will let you filter out comments by subreddits and other criteria. This extension is perfect for moderators or Reddit monitors, since you can quickly filter out the threads that don’t matter.


While the official Reddit deletion process can remove most content, you’ll find that some content remains after a few weeks or months. This is because some moderators may hide content for certain accounts. Fortunately, there are scripts to help you get rid of Reddit history. A good place to get scripts is Greasyfork. Scripts are also easier to modify and audit than addons.

Another option to delete Reddit comments is to install a user script manager. These tools can run custom scripts that you write, allowing you to run them on any browser. For example, you can install Tampermonkey on any browser and use the script manager to run scripts that you create.

A script manager allows you to browse a large collection of scripts and download one that suits your needs. Once installed, you can browse and choose scripts to remove Reddit comments. You can also browse and install scripts from different websites, depending on which browser you’re using.

Reveddit notification system

If you’ve ever noticed that someone’s comment has been deleted from Reddit, there’s a good chance that they are using the Reddit notification system. This system allows you to receive emails and other notifications when a specific post or comment has been deleted. Unfortunately, this system has a number of limitations. For example, it only allows you to see posts and comments that have been permanently deleted by moderators and bots. But even with these limitations, it’s not impossible to track deleted Reddit content.

The good news is that Reddit users can change their notification preferences. In order to do this, you need to open the Reddit app and click on your profile. From there, click Settings. On the Account Settings page, click the Manage Notifications option. From there, you’ll see a list of different notification types. You can toggle each type to turn off notifications or enable them.

Another option is to deactivate your Reddit account. Once you have confirmed this action, you’ll need to log in again. If you have not done so already, you’ll be prompted to confirm the action. Once you’ve confirmed that you wish to deactivate your account, click “Deactivate”. This will remove any posts and comments you’ve made while logged into the Reddit website.


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