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How to Delete a Wattpad Account

If you want to delete your Wattpad account, you can do it with a few simple steps. Visit the Account Deletion page, and then click the Delete My Account link. You will need your password to access the account deletion page. Enter the password again to confirm the deletion of your account.


If you’ve decided to leave the online writing community Wattpad, you’ll need to close your account. Unlike an app, you can’t close your account through the mobile app, so you’ll need to log in to the website on a computer. Once in, you’ll need to select the “close account” button in the top right corner. Then, you’ll need to fill out the mandatory information. Wattpad will then verify the cancellation before you can proceed with closing your account.

In order to close your account, you need to be sure that you have the right password. If you can’t remember your password, you can send a request to the Wattpad website through email to have them reset your account. Just make sure that you have access to your email account, as you’ll need it to complete the deletion.


If your DoNotPay wattpad account has been disabled, there are a couple of steps you can take to get it back. First, you’ll need to regain access to your email address and password. You can do this by going to Wattpad’s website and entering your credentials. A confirmation email will be sent to you, and you’ll soon have access to your account again.

In addition to having your account deleted, you may also need to delete your stories. If you’ve deleted them accidentally, you’re likely to end up with an account database that is no longer active. In this case, it is possible to retrieve deleted stories from the Wattpad website if you have access to the email associated with your active account. This method won’t help you restore deleted Wattpad stories, but it will allow you to find them.

Alternatively, you can choose to delete your entire account. This is the easiest way to get your account deleted. You can then log in to Wattpad using your computer and follow the instructions. Upon doing so, you’ll be logged out of Wattpad, and you’ll no longer have access to your stories. You’ll also no longer be able to comment or vote. Your account will be deleted permanently.

If you’re looking to find ways to get your account back online, you should be aware of Wattpad’s policy on inactive accounts. It outlines its terms of service and community guidelines clearly. While it’s unclear whether inactive accounts will be deleted, it is important to remember that you can get your account back, but it won’t be easy. Just make sure you don’t use it for any malicious or abusive activity.

You’ll also want to read the Content Guidelines on Wattpad before posting content. If it’s inappropriate, the site may remove it. Be careful not to copy other people’s works without their consent. You should also avoid distributing software viruses, code, films, or programs to others. Furthermore, you shouldn’t disrupt the normal operation of any equipment or software.


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