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How to Deal With the Situation When One Or More Contacts Are Read Only on Your iPhone

If you find that one or more contacts are read only on your iPhone, there are a few options to change the situation. These methods include changing a contact from read-only to editable, unlinking it, and blocking it. Read on to learn how to do these things and more.

Not All Contacts Were Deleted

When you try to delete your normal contacts from your iPhone, you may be faced with an error message, “Not All Contacts Were Deleted.” This message is displayed when one or more of your contacts are read-only. To fix the error, you have to delete these contacts from other applications and from your iPhone.

You may be wondering what the best way to fix this error is. You can either manually delete the contacts from your phone or add them to your existing contact. This will fix the not all contacts were deleted error. You can also import contacts from other apps or gmail to your phone. This solution is effective in fixing the error caused by Not All Contacts Were Deleted.

In most cases, this error occurs because your contacts have been synced with Gmail or iCloud. To fix this issue, go to the Settings menu, then click Contacts, and then tap Accounts. Next, add the account back to your iPhone and you’ll be able to sync your contacts. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps like PhoneRescue for iOS to manage your contacts.

Changing a contact from read-only to editable

There are several ways to change a contact on the iPhone from read-only to editable. Depending on how personal the contact is, you might not want others to view it. In addition, it could have been deleted from the iPhone and isn’t accessible through iCloud. In either case, you can change the status of the contact by changing the association with the person.

The first step in this process is to unlink the contact from the iPhone’s iCloud account. To do this, you can go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then, choose the contact you want to remove and hit “Delete Contact”. Alternatively, if you’re using Android, you can open the Contacts app and hit the three dots in the top right corner to unlink the contact. This method won’t delete the contact from your iPhone, but it will delete the information associated with the contact.

Unlinking a contact

In some situations, unlinking a contact on the iPhone can be necessary. Whether you’ve accidentally created a duplicate contact or made an error while entering the name of a contact, you can easily unlink it. To do so, you can open the contact details in the iPhone’s contacts app. Then, go to the main menu and select “View connected contacts.” Tap the “Unlink” option to separate the two sets of contacts.

To unlink a contact from the iPhone, you must sign out of all other Apple applications before doing so. By doing this, you’ll ensure that the information is not shared across other Apple devices. Additionally, this step ensures that your information will not be affected by unlinking a contact from the iPhone.

Blocking a contact

If you’ve ever received a call from a number you’d rather not hear from, you may be wondering how to block a contact on the iPhone. This simple process can be accomplished through the Phone or Messages app. To begin, open the app with the green phone icon and scroll down to the Recents tab. Tap the Block This Caller option, which will appear in red text. Once you’ve selected this option, tap the confirmation box to confirm that you’d like to block this number.

To block a contact on the iPhone, first open the Phone app. Tap the Phone icon on the Home screen to open the Phone app. You can view recent calls and missed calls in the Recents tab. Then, tap a caller’s name to see information about the call. Then, tap the Block this Caller option and follow the instructions to block the number.

Merging contacts

If you have duplicate contacts in your iPhone, there are several ways to merge them. You can do it automatically, or manually. The first option involves navigating to System Preferences and enabling iCloud Contacts. This feature can be found on iOS and macOS. Once you enable it, you can merge duplicates from one phone book to another. You can also merge contacts that have the same name, but differ in other details.

After you’ve decided to merge your contacts, go to the contacts list and find the contact you want to merge. Choose a contact from the list and click “Edit” to change its properties.



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