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How to Choose Linear High Bay LED Lights

Linear high bay LED lights are a great solution for lighting commercial and industrial spaces with ceilings more than 20 feet tall. They have many advantages over fluorescent or metal halide high bays, including lower energy consumption and a longer lifespan.

They are a great fit for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail stores and gymnasiums. They also qualify for utility rebates and are DLC Premium rated.


Linear high bay led lights are a cost-effective solution for illuminating warehouses and other commercial spaces with high ceilings. They are available in a range of lumen outputs and wattages to suit the needs of each application.

Because they use less energy than traditional fluorescent and metal halide light fixtures, they can significantly cut your lighting costs over the long run. Additionally, they don’t produce as much heat and don’t contain toxic mercury, making them a safer choice for warehouses and other commercial spaces.

LED high bays also last much longer than their HID or fluorescent counterparts, which means maintenance staff don’t have to worry about changing them as often. This helps reduce downtime and keeps your facility running smoothly.

Energy efficiency

Linear high bay led lights are highly energy efficient, which can help lower electric bills. They also produce little heat, which reduces the need for air conditioning.

For warehouses, factories, and other commercial spaces, LED linear high bay lighting is a cost-effective solution to provide ample illumination. It can also enhance flexibility and improve safety.

Gymnasiums, for instance, need bright and uniform illumination to ensure that athletes can easily see their surroundings. These fixtures can be used to achieve this goal, while also saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

As a one-for-one replacement for fluorescent lighting, these linear high bays have been proven to dramatically cut operating expenses. Especially when combined with smart sensors that control lighting levels and turn on the lights when necessary, facilities can save up to 80% on their electric bills.

Long lifespan

A linear high bay LED light is a highly durable fixture that can provide plenty of light in warehouses, gymnasiums and certain retail stores. These fixtures can be used to replace fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

They offer a long lifespan of up to 10 years. This makes them more affordable and environmentally friendly than traditional lighting options.

In addition, these lights are incredibly energy efficient. They can save a business up to 80% on energy costs.

They also reduce glare and improve eye health. This can lead to better productivity and a happier work environment.

Low maintenance

Linear high bay led lights offer a low maintenance alternative to metal halide and fluorescent fixtures. They are much less expensive to operate and require a shorter warm-up period than their predecessors, so you can save on your energy bills while also helping the environment.

They come in different wattages, so you can find a fixture that is right for your application. They also come with various controls, including occupancy sensors and emergency backups.

These lights are ideal for warehouses and other industrial spaces because they provide a consistent and bright light that reduces eye fatigue and helps workers focus on their work. They also offer a higher color temperature than traditional high bay lights.

They offer a long lifespan, so you can expect them to last for up to 50,000 hours. In addition to their long life, they are also incredibly durable and are resistant to breakage. They are also more efficient than their fluorescent and metal halide counterparts.



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