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How to Change Refund Bank Account in Flipkart

how to change refund bank account in flipkart

Whether you bought something from Flipkart or you simply want to change your refund bank account, here are some important steps to follow.

Cancelling an order on Flipkart

During the festive season, many people make purchases online. These purchases can be cancelled if the customer wishes. Flipkart allows users to cancel their orders online. However, the customer must provide a legitimate reason for the cancellation.

Some customers have complained that their orders were cancelled without their consent. Other customers have complained about long refund times. There are a number of reasons for a refund to be delayed, such as the product being delivered too early or the product being damaged.

When a customer purchases an item online, they will receive a transaction ID number. They can then use this ID to reference their order. The merchant website will have its own terms and conditions for refunds. Some merchant websites allow customers to receive a complete refund if their order is cancelled. Others require that a customer message their customer service team for the refund to be processed.

Flipkart allows customers to return products, including electronics. Electronic products can be returned before ten days of their purchase date. During the festive season, many people make all kinds of purchases online. During this period, Flipkart puts up amazing offers and discounts on its products.

Getting a refund on Flipkart

Getting a refund on Flipkart has become easier with the introduction of instant refund facility. This means you can get your money back within 24 hours. Previously, the process took three to five business days. This improved experience is being rewarded with an 8 percent increase in the share of instant refunds.

To get a refund on Flipkart, you will need to first check the product’s return policy. If the product is eligible for a return, you will then need to contact Flipkart’s authorized service centers. Depending on the product, you will be able to make a return within the first ten days of delivery.

Flipkart offers three options for getting a refund. You can either opt for a cash on delivery refund, transfer the amount to your Flipkart EGV, or receive a gift card. You can also check your Flipkart app for more information.

For your convenience, Flipkart has partnered with Paytm to offer instant payments. This means you will no longer need a one-time password or your credit card information to make a purchase.

Problems with flipkart refunds

Whether or not you are an ecommerce enthusiast, you have probably heard of Flipkart. They sell a wide variety of goods and services and cater to hundreds of categories. They also have a stellar customer service department, which means you don’t have to wait to get your issues addressed. If you’re thinking of using Flipkart as your online shopping partner of choice, consider some of the things you can expect to get in return for your hard earned cash.

For instance, they provide free furniture repair services. They have a customer support team that is accessible by phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also boast of one of the highest rates of customer satisfaction in the industry. If you are a Flipkart customer, you’re likely to have a few unreturned items on your hands. This can be a pain if you’re looking for a sexy new bed or dresser. You can also file a complaint with a fax machine or in person at a local branch of your bank.

Replacement guarantee

Getting a refund from Flipkart is an easy process. However, you need to update your bank account for the refund. In order to do this, you need to log in to your Flipkart account and go to “My Account”. You can then click on “Bank Accounts” from the drop-down menu.

Flipkart uses the Instant Payment System (IMPS) to process your payment. It then sends you a payment link through email or SMS. You can use this payment link to get a refund. However, the refund may take up to 14 days to reflect in your account. If the delay is longer, you may need to contact your bank branch.

Flipkart also has a replacement guarantee. You can get a replacement if your item arrives damaged, if you receive an item that is incorrectly sized or if it comes with manufacturing defects. However, you need to keep the original packaging, accessories and price tags to make the return process seamless.

In addition to offering refunds, Flipkart also offers cash on delivery. You can also make a payment using your EGV or Netbanking forward payments.


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