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How to Change Prime Membership to Student

how to change prime membership to student

If you’ve already signed up for Prime, you can easily switch your membership to Amazon Prime Student. To switch to Prime Student, you need to go through your Amazon account, and then go to the top right corner. Select Customer Service. Once there, select “Switch from Amazon Prime to Prime Student.” Follow the instructions to complete the process.

Free 6-month trial

There are a few ways to switch from your regular Prime membership to an Amazon Prime Student membership. First, you’ll need a valid.edu email address to sign up. Next, you’ll need to tell Amazon your expected graduation month and subject of study. Finally, you’ll need to provide payment method information. Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you’ll be able to switch to a student membership, which is much cheaper than the regular subscription.

After creating your new student account, you’ll need to verify that you’re a student in order to change your Prime membership to the student plan. Once you’ve verified your student status, you’ll receive an email from Amazon confirming your new status. You’ll also need to submit proof of your new status as a student.

Amazon Prime Student is free for the first six months, and you can cancel anytime before the trial ends. However, remember that once your trial ends, Amazon will automatically charge your card for the full price of Amazon Prime, which is $139 / PS79 for a year. If you cancel your subscription at any time, you can start a new one. Note that while you no longer get the free trial six months after signing up, you can still enjoy your Prime Student membership for $69 / PS39 annually.


If you’re a college student and you’re interested in changing your Prime membership to student status, there are several steps you must follow. To begin, you must have a valid student ID and a valid form of payment. Your student ID must contain your term and expected graduation date. If you do not have a valid student ID, you will need to provide other documentation such as a tuition bill with your name and a copy of an official acceptance letter.

The cost of changing prime membership to student status is $99 annually. Once you have a verified student address, Amazon will send you an email with a link to complete the student signup process. You must complete the process within 14 days of receiving the email. If you do not complete the process within this time, your verification will expire. In that case, Amazon will bill you for the difference between the amount you’ve paid for your student account and the total amount of your Prime membership.

Amazon Prime for students is available to college students in the United States and Puerto Rico. This membership is worth the cost. It offers free same-day delivery, video streaming, and other benefits. In addition, you can share your membership with another adult for free. You can also share a Prime membership with a student for free.


Prime Student offers the same benefits of regular Prime at half the price. Students can stream unlimited movies and TV shows on Prime Video and also get free access to Amazon Originals. In addition to that, students can save money on rental textbooks and use Amazon Music. Prime Student also offers LinkedIn Premium and free shipping.

Students can get a free trial for a year by signing up for the Prime Student program. Once enrolled, students can enjoy unlimited streaming of popular TV shows and movies, unlimited photo storage, 30 minutes early access to Amazon Lightning Deals, and two-hour grocery delivery. Students can also share their membership with one adult for free.

Students can also get the full benefits of Prime at a 50% discount if they refer a friend. Students can also sign up for a free trial of 30 days and receive full benefits after the trial. Students should make sure to review their usage patterns to see if they like the service before moving on to a paid subscription.

How to sign up

If you’re a student and want to get the most out of Amazon Prime, you can change your membership to the student plan. In order to get a student membership, you need to sign up with a valid.edu email address. Then, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Amazon.

Once you have signed up for the student program, you can begin streaming music and TV shows for 99 cents a month. If you have an existing Prime account, you can change your subscription plan to student for free. To make this change, log in with the same email as your regular membership account and then change the plan to student. The subscription period is six months.

Once you have completed your trial, you can go back and review your membership information. This includes start and end dates, payment method information, and payment history. If you find that you’ve forgotten a payment method or need to change your payment method, you can contact Amazon Customer Service for help.


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