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How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr 2015

how to change primary blog on tumblr 2015

If you’re on Tumblr, you may want to change your primary blog. This is done by editing your URL structure. You can also change your tag words or phrases for posts. After changing the URL, you’ll want to add key words or phrases to your posts.

Create a secondary blog

If you are considering starting a second blog, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the name of your new blog will not be the same as your primary blog. As a result, you must either change it or create a new one if you wish to keep your old one.

To protect your secondary blog, you need to set a password. If you have a primary blog, Tumblr doesn’t allow password protection. However, if you’re creating an account for an alternate blog, you can set it up as a password-protected one. This will help you to prevent any unauthorized visitors from reading your primary blog.

Once you’ve decided to switch to a secondary blog, you can either keep it private or make it a group blog. The only downside to secondary blogs is that you cannot use the social features of the main blog, such as following other users or submitting your posts.

Find key words or phrases to tag your posts

When tagging your Tumblr posts, use key words or phrases that people are looking for. This will give your posts more visibility and allow people to find them easier. You can also use hashtags to boost your SEO. Tags can be entered at the bottom of the form. Do not include quotes or hash characters. You can enter up to five tags per post.

The study focused on users’ usage of tags and whether they were using them to comment. The authors used a purposive sampling method to identify participants who were using tags to comment on their posts. To ensure that participants were not revealing their real identities, they used pseudonyms. Tumblr users were made aware of the research through frequent posts on the first author’s blog.

Find followers

The first step to finding followers on Tumblr is to change your primary blog. You can do this by going to your profile and changing the URL of your blog. After you change your primary blog, Tumblr will notify you of the change, and it will hold onto the old username for 24 hours.

The primary blog is the first blog on your account, and it has all the social features available. A secondary blog doesn’t have the same features and can be password-protected or a group blog. If you don’t want your followers to see your secondary blogs, you can set them as private and use your password to protect them.

If you aren’t gaining followers on Tumblr, you can still use a follow back checker tool. This tool can be downloaded from the site, and it will let you know whether you’re getting follow backs from your followers. When you use this tool, be sure to click on your primary blog on the right sidebar.

Install WordPress on Tumblr

If you want to change your primary blog on Tumblr, you can use WordPress to manage it. It is an open-source blogging platform and comes with many plugins and themes to customize it. It also has a user-friendly interface. You can add articles, pictures, and links right away.

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