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How to Cancel Now TV

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If you are a Now TV subscriber, you can cancel your account online or mail the company. The process for canceling your subscription depends on the service you choose and the billing company. If you are having trouble canceling on the account page, you will be directed to contact the billing company. If this does not work, you can mail the company to ask for help.


If you want to cancel auto-renewal, you can either cancel your subscription online or contact Now TV customer support by phone. If you can’t find the link to cancel on your account page, you will have to contact the billing company or contact Now TV support by mail. Fortunately, cancelling your subscription is a very simple process that only takes a few minutes.

You can cancel your Now TV subscription at any time. Depending on how you signed up for the service, the process varies slightly. If you signed up through Google, you can cancel using your Google account. If you signed up using an Apple ID, you’ll need to cancel the auto-renewal using your Apple ID. Although the NOW TV apps make canceling your subscription very difficult, you can use the following steps to stop your subscription.

The easiest way to cancel your subscription with NOW TV is to go to the company’s website. Click on the ‘Cancel auto-renewal’ link at the bottom of the page. Once the confirmation email has been sent, you can cancel the auto-renewal. The website will also give you the option to continue watching until your next payment date.

Cooling-off period

If you’ve signed up for Now TV and then decided that it’s not for you, there is a 14-day cooling-off period. During this time, you can return your package for a full refund. However, you’ll lose any discounts you’ve received from your content membership. You’ll also have to pay for the difference between the discounted price and the full price of the subscription.

To cancel your membership, you need to contact NOW TV customer support. Simply provide your information and the reason for cancelling. You should hear back from the customer support team within two business days. You’ll also receive an email acknowledging receipt of your cancellation request. If you’ve signed up for a yearly or monthly plan, you can cancel your subscription anytime during the cooling-off period.

You can contact NOW TV by phone, online chat, or email. Make sure to use your registered email address when contacting the company. If you are contacted via email, make sure to write down the cancellation confirmation number so you can refer to it in the future.

Online cancellation

If you’re having trouble cancelling your NOW TV subscription online, you may want to contact customer service. This process can be done through email, live chat, or by phone. But you must note that it cannot be done through the NOW TV app. To make the process as smooth as possible, you should follow the steps listed below. This process should only take a few minutes. You’ll receive an acknowledgement email after your cancellation request is processed.

First, you’ll need to create an account. You’ll need an email address and a credit card. This will be used for billing purposes. Alternatively, you can choose to share a single subscription with a friend or family member. This way, you’ll be able to cut the cost of your subscription and still get full access to everything NOW TV has to offer. The good thing about Now TV is that it’s easy to create an account. Once you’ve done so, you can edit the information in your account, change the password, or delete it.

If you have a subscription to Now TV, you can cancel your TV pass online. This process is easy and straightforward. After you’ve submitted the request online, you’ll receive a confirmation message. If you choose to continue with your subscription, you’ll need to make your next payment on time. Just remember to check your contract dates, because the length of a contract varies. Some contracts last for 12 months, while others last for less. Therefore, if you’re unable to pay on time, you’ll need to cancel your subscription.

Delete Now TV account

If you no longer wish to receive email and SMS updates from Now TV, you can easily delete your account by following these steps. First, open a web browser and go to the official Now TV website. Then, enter your email address and password. Next, click on the option “My offer.” You will find the option “Edit.” Then, click “Confirmation.” When you have finished your request, you will be asked to confirm your request.

You can also delete a Now TV account by asking a friend to log into the service. You must provide the person with whom you want to delete your account the reason for doing so. Then, he or she can send the request to the Now TV support team. In order to delete your account, you must include the reason for deleting your account and request that your data be deleted from the account.

You can delete your Now TV account if you no longer want to subscribe to the service. If you cancel your subscription before the expiration date, you won’t have to pay anything. You’ll still have access to your mobile number and email, and you can request a new password.



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