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How to Be a Baddie Girl

how to be a baddie

If you’re looking to wear a baddie girl look, you should focus on creating outfits that are effortless and chic. Baddie girls often wear figure-hugging staples like cycling shorts and oversized t-shirts, but the key is to focus on coordinating pieces.

Wearing statement jackets

If you are looking to add a little polish to your off-duty wardrobe, a statement jacket can help you get there. Wear it over a crew-neck sweater and pair it with a pair of jeans for a sleek look. This way, you’ll command attention without adding too much additional accessories. Plus, a statement jacket can be a great way to stay warm without overdoing it.

During the winter season, a statement jacket will add a dash of glamor to an otherwise plain look. It can also be layered over a mini dress or skirt to add some extra flair to your ensemble. Faux leather pants are a great way to make an edgy baddie outfit, and they look especially chic when worn with a bandana top.

Another important part of the baddie look is wearing sports-inspired apparel. You can even wear chunky sneakers to complete the look. The key to wearing a baddie look is to mix up classic and contemporary fashion. Your outfit should be both casual and formal, with a good balance of defined cuts and accessories.

Wearing high waisted dresses

High waisted dresses are a fabulous way to add a touch of sex to any ensemble. Whether you’re going on a date with your date or just going out with your friends, you can create a seductive look by accessorizing with killer heels, a statement clutch, and a flashy necklace. You can even channel your inner Beyonce or Angelina Jolie to make the evening a little bit sexier.

To achieve the baddie look, you’ll need to be comfortable and confident. A baddie aesthetic is all about blending Y2K-inspired streetwear with confidence. This style should inspire others to follow their lead and embrace their own individuality. This means that you’ll need to choose comfortable clothing that’s flattering to your figure.

A baddie aesthetic includes sportswear and streetwear styles. This trend has become very popular over the past few years, so you’ll want to look sexy and funky. You can incorporate a high waisted dress with other baddie clothing elements, such as chunky sneakers or oversized sweatshirts. Baddie style also features bold, bright colors and accessories.

Adding height with chunky sneakers

A pair of chunky sneakers is a great way to give your outfit a little height and balance. They are a huge trend that goes well with the baddie aesthetic and are easy to style. They give an outfit a sporty, fresh vibe and will look great with many different outfits. They look best in a neutral shade such as white, but you can also add color if you want.

To complete your baddie look, pair a pair of chunky sneakers with ripped jeans. These are a staple of the baddie aesthetic, and can be worn with any kind of outfit. Opt for bright colors or go for a classic black look. You can pair these sneakers with any kind of outfit – from mini dresses and skirts to oversized T-shirts and even boyfriend blazers!

You can dress up your baddie look with colorful accessories and pops of color. A pastel hair clip or a funky bucket hat is perfect for warmer months, while a belted bag can take the sporty feel to the next level. Bold colors will instantly transform an ordinary look into a killer look.

Adopting a laidback attitude

The baddie aesthetic is all the rage on social media and is all about confidence mixed with style and street wear. Baddie models are known for their body-conscious outfits that showcase their physique. Many fashion brands partner with baddies to market their products. Aside from style, baddies also need to maintain a positive attitude and maintain good personal hygiene.


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