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How do you style a rug in your living area?

Living room rugs add a comfortable and luxurious feel to any space, and when used in a big space, such as a family living room, they can make a huge difference in the style and appearance of a space.

We spend the majority of our time in our living rooms. It is an all-in-one location where we can sit and relax, eat (if not dine), and occasionally work. The living room is usually the first room in a house that needs repairs, redecorating, or simply a makeover. And, given how much time we spend there, it’s understandable that we’d like to freshen things up a bit. This is where beautifully designed living room rugs come in.

The living room is the one room in the house that requires a rug the most. A rug is the ultimate style tool, capable of doing everything from making a statement to defining a space or area. If you’ve ever felt like your living room was lacking something, a rug is something you should consider.

Stylising a rug

Styling rugs for living room can be both simple and difficult, depending on your perspective. Putting all of the decor items together in such a way that they complement one another may appear to be a trial and error process, but there are some general guidelines to follow as well as some tried and true techniques. We’ve compiled a list of points to keep in mind as you search for the perfect rugs and try to style them once you’ve found them to make redecorating easier for you. Continue reading to find out more.

Getting Started

The fundamental elements are the first questions you should ask yourself. Consider what type of rug you want before attempting to determine what type of rug will look best in your space. Is it better to use natural or synthetic materials? Should it be printed or solid colour? What should the texture be like? Determine which type of rug will best meet the needs and requirements of your family. Examine the room’s layout once this is completed. The rug’s size will be determined by the size of your space as well as the number of sofas, chairs, or coffee tables.

Make and Materials

The next step is to consider the existing elements of your decor and imagine the theme or mood you want to create in your room. The rug’s relationship to the other elements in the room will be determined by the sofa, chairs, wall colour, and even the geometric shape of the room. A rug made of natural fibres and placed in a soft colour scheme can help to create a relaxing environment. For something rich and gloomy, try putting in a textured rug in deep, dark tones. Mellow designs help to soften the environment, whereas bold and subtle designs help to create visual impact. Dark carpets can also make a room appear intimidating, whereas a light rug will not look as stunning.

Knowing your preferred rug style is usually beneficial, but it can be difficult if you are new to interior decorating. The rug’s design and composition will have a significant impact on the room. When placed in a room, hand-knotted rugs usually have defined, uniform looks that are serious-looking and give off a feeling of calmness and good definition. Hand-tufted furniture is much more popular, and the shagginess it has will add a youthful and playful touch to the living room. Hand-woven rugs with flat weaves work well as outdoor rugs in the summer.

The shape of the Rug

Square and rectangular rugs are fairly conventional and look great in any room. However, there is something appealing about round rugs that gives them a cosy, distinctive appearance. They can be used to accentuate and define spaces. They don’t have to be a perfect fit, but they do offer the room a certain softness and character. Because of their unusual shapes, which are novelties in and of themselves, they are believed to be highly tolerant in some areas, such as colour and pattern.

How to Position your Rug

There are no hard-and-fast rules to adhere to when placing a rug around your design, and we fully believe that what you actually like is what matters most.

To designate a separate dining area: In a living room, a rug may be used to mark the space. Square or circular rugs should be used with square or circular dining tables, while area rugs for living room should be placed at least two feet from the edges of the table. This will ensure there is space to sit, stand, and move the chairs back without tripping.


Functionality and beauty are combined in carpets and rugs. If your floor plan is open, use designs or colors that transform the spaces while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. For instance, you may experiment with various rug sizes and shapes while maintaining a consistent colour scheme across the room. Try out several settings to discover which one suits you best now that you know where to roll out the rug.



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