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How Can I Get a Verifying Code For WhatsApp When I Have Lost My Sim?

how can i get a verifying code for whatsapp when i have lost my sim card

If you are wondering how to get a WhatsApp verification code when you’ve lost your sim, there are a few methods you can use. First, you can use a landline or Skype number to activate the app. Using a credit card to activate your account is another option. Regardless of which method you choose, don’t try to guess the code.

Activate WhatsApp without a phone number

If you have lost your mobile phone, or if you’ve misplaced your sim card, you can still use WhatsApp. It’s possible to use your landline number to activate WhatsApp. Simply enter the six-digit verification code that you’ll receive on the phone. If you don’t have a landline number, you can use WhatsApp Web instead.

You can also use a prepaid phone number to activate WhatsApp. First, you’ll need a working phone with a sim card. Next, sign in to WhatsApp with your email address. After that, you can use the WatsGo app to move data between devices.

Alternatively, you can install the TextNow app. This will give you a unique verification number and enable you to activate WhatsApp without a phone number. This app is available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows App Store. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll need to grant the application permission to access your data.

Activate WhatsApp with a landline number

For users who are not able to activate WhatsApp on their mobile phones, using their landline number can be a viable alternative. The process involves requesting a call from an automated system, which will give you a 6 digit verification code. After confirming this, you can activate your WhatsApp account.

To activate WhatsApp with a landline number, open the app on your computer, phone, or tablet. Type in the landline number that you want to use in the “Contacts” section. It will verify the number in a few seconds. Once verified, the number will receive an automated call from WhatsApp. The call will repeat the 6-digit verification code.

Once you have the number, you can activate WhatsApp with a landline number without sim verification. The process is similar to that of activating WhatsApp with a mobile phone. However, you should note down the number so you can use it later. First, open the app on your mobile. Next, choose the option that says “Call to activate.” Select the option that says “Call me”. This should work if your landline number does not have accessibility features.

Activate WhatsApp with a Skype number

If you have lost your sim card or your phone is unreachable, you can still register WhatsApp without a phone number using a landline number. The number is readout by the phone company and the process can take a few days. During this time, you should keep the old SIM card in the phone until the activation process is completed. Then, you should receive a message with your country code.

First, you must verify your landline number. This can be done by dialing *606* and entering a 6-digit verification code. Alternatively, you can type the code manually. The process works well. Once you have done this, you can use WhatsApp with the number.

Moreover, you can record calls with Skype and save them on the cloud. This will make it possible for you to listen to your recorded conversations on any device. In contrast, WhatsApp does not allow users to record calls. But you can still save your communications with third-party applications. However, you must note that third-party applications may not be compatible with the WhatsApp platform.

Activate WhatsApp with a Skype credit card

If you have lost your sim card, there are a couple of ways to activate WhatsApp. One option is to register with your home or landline number. There are hundreds of SMS websites available on the internet. In the SMS verification screen, enter your phone number and wait for a verification code.

The other option is to deactivate your account. First, you need to email WhatsApp and state, “My SIM card has been stolen or lost.” Don’t forget to include your phone number in the full international format. It’s important to mention your phone number because it will help WhatsApp deactivate your account if someone else has it.


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