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Handcraft Logos – Creating a Brand Identity For Your Small Business

Hand-drawn logos are quickly gaining in popularity, due to their unique and beautiful look. Creating digital versions of hand-drawn logos is easy with software like Adobe Illustrator or DesignCrowd.

The first step to converting a hand-drawn logo into a digital vector graphic is to scan it. Then, you can use Adobe Illustrator’s Image Trace feature to turn it into a high-resolution scalable vector graphic.

Designing a Logo

Craft logos can be a great way to create a brand identity for your small business. The symbols and stylized text of a logo can tell a lot about a company’s values, mission and brand personality.

The design of a logo can be as simple as a few lines or as complex as freeform, abstract designs. Regardless of the type of logo you choose, it should be simple to recognize and communicate your brand message to customers.

It’s also important to keep your branding clean and uncluttered. A cluttered design can make your logo look less professional and more messy.

Another thing to consider is the use of color. A logo can convey a lot about your company’s products and services through its color scheme.

When designing a logo for a handmade business, you should always keep in mind the type of materials your company uses and your design aesthetics. This will help you choose the right colors and fonts for your logo.

Scanning a Logo

A great logo can tell the world what you stand for, help customers remember your brand. And even help prospective business owners understand if your product is right for them. It’s no wonder that so many people spend their hard earned money on a logo. So make sure you have a dazzling one that will catch the eye of potential clients.

A good way to do that is by scanning your wares in the form of a picture or a drawing. There are a number of free scanning apps available for iPhone and Android devices. Though you’ll want to select the most robust option in order to ensure the best possible results. Alternatively, you can opt for a professional service to have your drawings professionally printed. On high-quality paper in whatever size and format you require. If you’re on a budget, consider converting your designs to vectors with programs like Inkscape. Which are available for both Mac and PC platforms.


Handcraft logos are an important aspect of your brand, and a great one will make you stand out from competitors. Choosing the right colors, fonts, and shapes is essential for creating a successful design.

Vector graphics are a type of artwork made up of lines and curves instead of square pixels. These images are usually based on mathematical equations and can be easily edited and scaled up or down without losing quality for more detailes you can visit website.

Raster graphics, on the other hand, are those that use pixels. These include images that you take with a digital camera or even those that you download on the internet, such as.jpg files.

Vector images can be scaled up or down without pixelating, which is ideal for billboards, business cards, posters, and blimps. Moreover, they are easier to work with, so they are often preferable for designers.

Printing a Logo

When it comes to printing your logo, the design choices you make affect everything from what kind of paper you can print on to the thickness and opacity of the final product. It’s crucial to mock up your design on every type of paper you have in mind for every kind of product.

Some of the most common places to print your logo are t-shirts, mugs and other items that people keep around their home. These are called swag and are a great way to keep your brand name in front of your customers.

The best way to ensure that your logo looks good on a particular product is to make sure that you’re printing it on a “imprint area” that’s optimized for the shape of that item. For example, a mug might look better with a smaller symbol version of your logo. So that it doesn’t get distorted on the curved surface.

There are a few different printing methods that you can use to print your logo. including screen printing, litho and digital inkjet. Each has its own set of demands, limitations and costs.



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