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Falcon Silver EHR Vs CoCentrix: Which One to Choose

Cocentrix, a cloud-based computer software company, creates and sells electronic health records (EHRs) for health care professionals. This software was created to help medical professionals improve the care of their patients.

Falcon Silver EHR is another software company that develops and sells EHRs for healthcare professionals. They specialize in software design for small hospitals and clinics.

Cocentrix offers more features than Falcon Silver, but they are also more expensive due to higher licensing costs.

What is Falcon Silver EHR? What are its functions?

Falcon Silver EHR software by DaVita(r), is an electronic medical record (EMR) specifically developed for nephrology. This cloud-based EMR is available to dialysis clinics and nephrology providers across the U.S. It includes lab results administration, dialysis financial reports, scheduling dialysis monthly, e-prescription (eRx), and dispute dialysis orders. It is compatible with DaVita Dialysis Centers, which provide the most up-to-date clinical information and laboratory data. Health IT solutions include fully integrated management tools that notify patients when blood levels fall below the normal range. This reduces the need for hospitalizations related to fluids.

The EMR platform provides a customized-fit service that is specifically tailored for nephrology practice. These services help nephrologists work more efficiently and provide better care for patients. Falcon Care EMR Software lets users modify the EMR system to meet the needs of specific specialties. Software provides technology-driven solutions that meet the needs of different expertise areas. The software is designed for nephrologists to assist them in dealing with the ever-changing health care environment.

The software is Meaningful-Use-Certified and has innovative mobile apps that allow users to submit orders in a matter of minutes, so that patients get their medication as quickly as they are able. The EMR software helps nephrologists ensure that their patients get the best possible results. Epic EHR Software and Falcon Silver EHR Software are now partners. Both platforms focus on chronic kidney disease and provide solutions that can be used to control and prevent the development of ESRD.


Prices for Falcon Silver EMR cannot be made public. For pricing information and to request an estimate, customers can contact the vendor.

Free Trial

This has not been mentioned by the vendor in their description.


You can reach support via email, phone, and fax. Their support line is available 24/7 and email support is available during normal business hours.


It is an easy-to-use and powerful tool that consolidates all DaVita IT destinations for a doctor into one central location. You can access it from any internet-connected location by DaVita credentialed physicians.

Product Benefits

They offer a user-friendly platform that facilitates the transition to medical records. It offers both a simple user interface and customizable templates.

Product Limitations

The system is slow to respond to the needs of busy nephrology clinics. Falcon Silver’s customer service needs to be better, with slower responses.

What is Concentrix and what are its characteristics?

It is an enterprise-wide, human service platform specifically designed to support consumers-centric coordinated care. CoCentrix Coordinated Car Platform Reviews highlight the fact that the platform allows users to connect clinical patient data from different agencies.

It is available in both a cloud-based and on-premise version. It can be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms. It is certified by DSM-5, ONC-ATCB and ICD-10 ATCB. Electronic Health Records (EHR), consumer applications, case management, and managed healthcare are the most important features. These capabilities enable providers to manage their finances and provide services. CoCentrix EHR Coordinated Care Platform Reviews say it is loved for its reporting and analytics, as well receivables alerts and notifications and document management schedulers, notifications and notifications. Customers can request the CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform Demo before making a purchase.

CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform is more affordable than other similar systems. It has registration and scheduling features that allow patients to schedule appointments and see their doctors. It also offers medical billing services that help practices manage receivables. Users can also use various tools and features to simplify document management. The CoCentrix Coordinated Care platform free demo has been praised by users who have used it. These features include CareTiles Mobile and the CoCentrixccp mobile app suite.

CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform Prices

You have the choice of either a subscription or one-time pricing plans. Click on the button “Get Pricing” to get a quote.

CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform Support

Software provides online support.

CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform UPC

This software is designed to help patients and agencies access important information on their mobile devices.

What are the most important features and attributes of ?

It offers a wide range of electronic health records (EHRs) features, including multidisciplinary assessments, patient-centered and care scheduling, planning, calling logs documents and documentation for services medication administration, management pharmacy diagnosis management management of bed and census, management of incidents, billing and receivables, notification and alerts, document management, and many other options.

It is crucial to manage your case effectively. CoCENTRIX Coordinated care Platform offers plans for care and support monitoring and coordination. Contact management, financial management, and contact management are all available. Medication tracking, activity tracking, planning for transitions, and more are also included. Additional features include multiple programs and assessment, schedules and charts, notes and custom dashboards. Reporting and analytics, consent and release.

CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform Pros

It is easy to use and allows for exceptional customisation. CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform Ratings reaffirm the simplicity and usability of the system.

CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform cons

Sometimes, the system might be slow.

Where is CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care used?

The Coordinated Care Platform can be used by small, medium and large practices. The platform can be used to provide care for a wide range of specialties, such as podiatry and orthopaedic surgery. Manatee Glens Behavioral Health and Henderson Behavioral Health are two of the most important customers for this service.


Hospitals use Cocentrix and Falcon Silver to manage patient records. Each has its own advantages and capabilities.

Falcon Silver is the ideal option for small hospitals that require a tailored system. Its interface is simple to use and intuitive, making it a great choice for smaller businesses.

Cocentrix is the ideal choice for larger hospitals that require a system capable of managing large amounts of data rapidly. The interface is simple and intuitive, even for people who don’t have any previous experience with modern technology.



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