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DVI Cable Manufacturers – New Standard for Transferring Digital Signals

DVI cable manufacturers provide a wide range of products for video and computer applications. These include digital & analog cables, adapters, converters, extenders & connectors.

DVI is a popular standard for connecting computer monitors and LCD displays. It is an alternative to HDMI and supports higher resolutions than VGA.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Depending on the specific application, industrial cable assemblies come in a wide range of designs. They are used to connect different types of equipment and instruments to each other. This enables technicians to easily operate the equipment and avoid any electrical shocks.

Dvi Cable Manufacturers offer a variety of custom cable assemblies, including those for video applications. They feature foil and braid shielding, molded cables, and connectors for optimal signal transfer.

These cable assemblies are available in a wide range of lengths and sizes, and they are designed to connect projectors and other display devices with a variety of video cables such as HDMI, DVI and miniDP.

DP (DisplayPort) cables are becoming more popular, especially in the electronics industry. They are a great choice for connecting driver boards to TFT displays, as they allow all power and data signals to be transferred through one assembly.


A distributor works on behalf of a manufacturer or brand and sells their products to different retailers. They may work in a specific region or within a particular industry.

Typically, they have shorter lead times than manufacturers and sell in smaller quantities. This allows them to provide a more cost-effective service for their customers.

Distributors offer a wide range of cables including bulk and network cables, Cat5e, Cat6, coaxial, fiber optic, HDMI, patch cords and USB cables. They also offer a variety of accessories and cable connectors.

They can manufacture custom DVI, HDMI and universal serial bus (USB) cables. Other services include component sourcing, inventory, prototyping, and assembly.

DVI cables are used for high-definition video connections. They support resolutions of up to 2560 x 1600 pixels. They are compatible with flat panel displays, digital CRT displays and projectors. They feature gold-plated DVI to DVI connectors for optimal conductivity and a fully coated PVC outer layer.

Projector Cables

A digital visual interface (DVI) cable transmits video signals from an AV source to the TV. The cable can also be used for audio signals if the device has a DVI port.

DVI cables work with HDTV displays and projectors for superior digital picture quality, eliminating the need for analog to digital conversions. These cables are also compatible with high-resolution computer monitors and graphics cards that support 4K resolution.

DVI cables are available in single and dual-link formats to accommodate larger screens. The DVI-D dual link format provides twice the data transmission rate compared to the single link.

DVI Cables

DVI Cables are digital video interface cables that allow uncompressed, real-time, high resolution, high quality and wide bandwidth digital video signals to travel from a PC or other device through a DVI connector to a display. DVI Cables are available in both single-link and dual-link varieties.

DVI cables use a transmission minimized differential signaling (TMDS) technology to transmit the video signal, which is protected from degradation by sending two versions of each signal down a twisted pair of copper wires. Once the video signal has been received, the two “halves” of the video signal are compared against each other to compensate for any loss.

DVI cables are used for a variety of applications. They are commonly found on LCD monitors, projectors, and other digital display devices.



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