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Customer Reviews and Ratings of Chimney Repair Companies

Chimneys should be regularly inspected and swept to remove creosote deposits that produce carbon monoxide, as this could increase carbon monoxide emissions and cause leaks or other problems with the chimney itself. Without routine inspection and maintenance, unmaintained chimneys could experience leaks or other issues which require expensive repairs to repair them properly.

Chimney repair companies should offer transparent pricing and a written contract prior to beginning work, in addition to customer testimonials, license and insurance information, and proof of professional training.

Accurate Chimney and Fireplace

Customer reviews of any business are an invaluable marketing asset. People trust recommendations from friends and are more likely to give small businesses another try after hearing positive comments about them from previous customers.

Chimney service companies advise homeowners to have their chimney professionally inspected at least annually to prevent the buildup of creosote, which can clog your flue and cause smoke to enter your home. This is especially essential in spring when soot can absorb moisture and create unpleasant odors.

Accurate Chimney and Fireplace provides comprehensive chimney services, such as masonry repointing, flue rebuilding, brick chimney rebuilding, video inspections to identify problems in their chimney system (cracks or signs of wear and tear), leaky liners caused by water intrusion or old clay or terra cotta chimney liners failing, video inspections for problem diagnosis as well as competitive pricing are offered 24/7/365 by their technicians who offer emergency service around the clock and have competitive pricing. They even provide video inspections so homeowners can identify problems before taking action – helping homeowners to identify issues in their chimney system including cracks or signs of wear deterioration while video inspections can detect leaky liners due to water intrusion or old clay/terra cotta liner failure.

Brushers Chimneys

This company offers chimney inspections, sweeps and cleanings as well as fireplace refractory panel replacement, fireplace retiling, brick repair services such as tuck pointing and flashing as well as air duct cleaning and dryer vent installation services. They have 21 years of experience.

Selecting an appropriate chimney brush is of critical importance, matching up with the size and style of your flue. Poly brushes work well on metal chimneys as they’re acid resistant and won’t damage venting components; while steel wire brushes are best suited to masonry chimneys; their stiffer bristles help remove creosote build-up without damage to flue tiles or their walls.

Rutland and AW Perkins are two brands known for producing quality chimney brushes. Rutland has been around for more than 130 years and produces products designed to clean chimneys such as creosote remover, rods, and brushes – popular among professional chimney sweeps as well as homeowners alike.

United Home Services

United Home Services is a franchise that offers numerous home maintenance services. Their offerings include cleaning air ducts to remove dust and dirt; regular chimney inspections to maintain good indoor air quality; dryer vent cleaning to protect energy costs from rising; and dryer duct clogging prevention that could increase energy bills or present health risks. While Trustpilot doesn’t show much feedback for United Home Services yet (only one review available), their satisfaction guarantee stands out with them open Monday-Sunday from 8:00AM-5PM with services guaranteed by local state franchisors.

Caps and Dampers

Chimney caps and dampers are key components of your fireplace chimney system, helping protect it against smoke, debris, heat, rainwater damage, ice dam formation and rain run-off. Without one or both caps and dampers in place, smoke and hot debris could potentially erode away at the flue, chimney liner and masonry of the structure, potentially leading to flue collapse, liner erosion or cracking of masonry work. Furthermore, caps also direct rain away from the chimney, helping minimize water damage by diverting away rain run-off while also helping reduce water damage while also helping avoid water run-off damage and prevent ice damming by diverting rain run-off into gutters along with reducing ice damming issues caused by water-collection platforms or caps being located inside chimneys when necessary reducing or controlling flue clearance is needed due to smoke/hot debris entering flue or liner/masonry corrosion damage and prevent future issues related to it being caught inside it all becoming trapped inside or without these components being installed will become subjected to damaging flue/masonry erosion by smoke/hot debris entering flue/masonry erosion causing flue/liner erosion/masonry erosion/colum damage, leading to reduced or no prevent ice damming issues occurring due to rain reducing damage/preventing rainwater entering from outside thus protecting from being directed rain out from entering chimney reducing damage caused by rainwater damage/ice dam formation within chimney liner leakage within it being directed away from flue damage/etc.

Dampers are located at the throat of a chimney, usually above its firebox, and can be opened and closed using chains, handles or latches to allow air in and exhaust out.

Top-mount dampers provide a tight seal when closed to keep heat inside of your home. Without one, hot or cool air would escape through the chimney into your living space and drive up heating/cooling costs. Fresh Sweeps technicians commonly install energy-efficient top-mount dampers which provide an airtight seal which saves homeowners money while simultaneously keeping out critters or debris.



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