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Can I Freeze My Planet Fitness Membership?

You can freeze your Planet Fitness membership if you no longer want to use it. However, individual clubs will have their own policies. Some clubs will let you freeze your membership and then charge you the fees when they come due. Alternatively, you can downgrade or upgrade your membership at a later time. You can find out more about your options at the Planet Fitness website.

Can you cancel a Planet Fitness membership online?

Can you cancel a Planet Fitness membership online or in person? There are various methods to do so, but the procedure may seem confusing to some. To begin, you need to find the cancellation agreement for the Planet Fitness membership you’d like to cancel. This contract will detail all the terms and conditions for cancelling. It will also state whether cancellation fees are waived under certain circumstances. The contract will usually be for one year.

The second option is to write a letter. Ideally, you should use certified mail to send the cancellation letter. Make sure to include your name, address, and phone number. You may want to include your membership ID number as well. You should also sign the letter. Be sure to follow up with the Planet Fitness club to make sure they’ve received the letter. If they haven’t heard from you for a while, they may temporarily hold your account until you cancel it.

If you have to move, you can also call Planet Fitness to cancel your membership. However, you should note that there are certain situations that you’ll need to prove in order to cancel your membership. For example, if you’re moving out of the region, you’ll need to show proof that you’re no longer able to use Planet Fitness’s facilities. This is likely to result in a cancellation fee.

Can you freeze a Planet Fitness membership?

If you are not satisfied with the service you have received from Planet Fitness, you can freeze your membership and start over. You will need to contact customer support and explain your situation. You can freeze your membership for up to six months. Please note that you cannot freeze a Planet Fitness membership over the phone or through email. However, if you are experiencing illness or other medical problems, you can freeze your membership for a month or two.

You can freeze a Planet Fitness membership for as long as you have not used it in 3 months or more, but only if you have a medical condition. You may need to get a letter from your doctor to qualify for this service. You’re unlikely to qualify to freeze a Planet Fitness membership for any other reason. Also, you must be a member for at least three months to freeze your membership.

To freeze your membership, you’ll need to notify Planet Fitness five days before the billing date. This will ensure that the club has plenty of time to process your request. If you can’t wait that long, you can also visit a Planet Fitness location to freeze your membership. However, you’ll need to pay the membership fees while it’s frozen.

Fortunately, Planet Fitness does not report your membership payments to credit bureaus, so your Planet Fitness payments will not affect your credit score. However, you’ll need to speak to the front desk staff at your Planet Fitness location before freezing your membership.

Can you upgrade or downgrade a Planet Fitness membership?

Upgrades and downgrades can be made online, but you can also contact the club in person. The front desk staff will explain the different options available. If you are currently under contract, you can buy out of the contract for $99, but you must contact the club within a week.

To upgrade your membership or downgrade it, you will have to stop using it for a certain amount of time. The rules vary from location to location, but most allow you to temporarily pause your membership for medical reasons. If you are not currently using your membership, contact the front desk to make the change.

For those who want a basic cardio workout, Planet Fitness is a great option. They have resistance circuits that you can work out on for 30 minutes. The gym is also family-friendly, allowing teens to use the equipment with a parent. The only drawback is that they don’t have any weight lifting machines or squat racks.


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