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Best Cubes For Speedcubing

When it comes to buying a new cube it’s important to consider multiple things. A few key traits to look for are:


A good cube should be fast without sacrificing control. It should also be stable so that pieces don’t pop out during an algorithm. Finally, it should have excellent corner cutting.


The GTS M2 is an engineering sensation and the best cube out there. It has a lot of adjustable settings and is super fast and smooth. It also has great corner cutting and no pops or twists. It is a little expensive but worth it. It is a lot better than the GAN 356 XS.

This is a budget cube that is great for beginners or anyone who wants a good cube without spending too much. It is also a little wobbly and can mess up algorithm execution but this won’t be a problem once you tension it to your liking.

This is a very popular cube and used by many top cubers as their main. It has a lot of speed but also has smooth turning and great corner cutting. It is a bit more unstable than the QiYi MS but not enough to ruin your speedsolving. It is also not as smooth as the MoYu WR M but still a very good cube.


QiYi MS is a great cube for beginners and competitive cubers alike. It is factory magnetised and provides a smooth turn with good stability. It is also a very affordable 3×3 and performs well right out of the box, although it may need some tinkering for optimal performance.

The newest addition to the MS series, this magnetic 3×3 is an incredible value for those looking to start speedcubing and want a great cube to grow into. It is an inexpensive cube that is able to compete with many of the more expensive budget models on the market.

A key factor in a speed cube’s control is how much friction it has between layers. Slow turning cubes have a lot of friction between layers, while fast ones have little to no friction. Having a balance between these two characteristics will help you execute algorithms faster and better with less risk of popped out pieces. Slower turning cubes can be adjusted to provide more control by adjusting the tensions on them or adding lube.


There are plenty of cubes out there that can help you take your speed-solving to the next level. However, it’s important to remember that not every cube will be right for everyone. Choosing the best cube for you will depend on a variety of factors, including aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

Cubes that are optimized for speed have less friction between layers, which allows you to turn them quickly and accurately. This makes them great for beginners who are new to the hobby and want to improve their times.

If you’re looking for a cube that will help you become a speedcuber, look no further than the MoYu WR M. This puzzle features a dual adjustment system and is made with MoYu’s signature quality that has been a staple of the brand for decades. This cube also comes with a set of stickers that can be replaced to make it your own. This cube is also one of the most durable on this list, which makes it a great option for anyone who wants to take their speed-solving skills to the next level.

GAN 11 M Pro

GAN is one of the best manufacturers out there and they make the very best cubes for speedcubing. Their new flagship, the GAN 11 M Pro, is quite revolutionary with its omnidirectional core design. This is the first inner core design of its kind and it makes for an incredible cube with a unique magnetic feel.

This cube is fast and provides good control for executing algorithms. However, it’s not for the beginner as it can be tricky to master. It’s also very smooth turning, so the beginners may not fully enjoy it.

This cube comes with a special Frosted finish and a UV coated version. It also has the same dual adjustment system as other recent GAN releases, allowing you to modify both the core and corner magnet strength. This allows you to customize the cube to your exact preference. The elasticity can be set to 6 different levels and the tension can be adjusted by hand to 4 settings.



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