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5 Reasons to Choose RXNT EHR as Medical Software

If you’re evaluating EHR software options for your business, one of the best options might be RXNT. It’s cloud-based, offers free setup, regular updates, and eliminates data discrepancies. Read on to find out more about RXNT EHR and its advantages.

RXNT is a cloud-based solution

RXNT offers an integrated suite of EHR, practice management, and billing software. The company offers transparent pricing and free setup and data transfer. It also offers free in-house support and regular system upgrades. Additionally, the company has mobile apps and dedicated U.S. support teams to answer questions and help you make the most of the software.

RXNT’s cloud-based EHR helps practices of all types optimize workflows and provide a better patient experience. It enables real-time access to a patient’s health history and is certified to meet MACRA and MIPS requirements. The software also provides better care coordination. It also has a patient portal that patients can use to review lab results, sign documents, and schedule appointments.

It offers free setup

RXNT EHR Software is a cloud-based solution for electronic health record management. It is HIPAA-compliant and supports MACRA and MIPS. It is also ONC-certified, which makes it an excellent choice for healthcare providers. This software streamlines record-management processes and improves communication with patients. Its features include patient information management, appointment scheduling, patient check-in and billing. It also comes with premium in-house support and is available twenty-four hours a day.

RXNT’s pricing is competitive. Monthly plans start at $65 per user, and they include free setup and training. The company also offers regular upgrades and customer support. All of these features are included with the cost of the RXNT software, which makes it an excellent choice for medical practices on a budget.

It offers regular updates

RXNT EHR software offers a seven-day support system. The company also offers annual support plans at a 10% discount. While the software interface is not as intuitive as some other applications, the RXNT team is on hand to help. The software helps healthcare providers streamline clinical management, billing, and managing controlled substances. It also includes features that make the patient experience better. For example, it allows you to send secure messages to your patients.

RXNT’s ehr software also features a claims scrubber that automatically flags claims with errors. The RXNT scrubber is easy to use and allows users to organize individual claims in spreadsheet format. It can be tailored to the needs of health establishments of all sizes. This cloud-based software also allows you to manage patient information and schedule appointments. You can also bill for services and use the software to send reminders to patients. In addition, the RXNT team offers premium support in-house. This translates to around-the-clock access to the software.

It eliminates data discrepancies

Rxnt ehr software eliminates inconsistencies between patients’ and providers’ records and ensures that data is complete and accurate. Its innovative features are easy to use, with an intuitive user interface (UX). Users can monitor billing, collections, and denials using a dashboard and reporting module. Reports are organized into a spreadsheet format, allowing users to sort and filter data in any way they need.

RXNT ehr software offers comprehensive patient balance reporting, and it helps practice owners manage their finances. This makes it easier to collect from payers. The software allows billers to follow up directly with patients, reducing the days in A/R.

It has a claims scrubber

RXNT ehr software has a built-in claims scrubber, which flags claims with errors and helps practitioners revise them before submitting them. This helps streamline the billing process and reduce the number of rejected claims. It is user-friendly and provides a real-time status of claims and their edits. It also displays the status of individual claims in a simple spreadsheet format.

The RXNT Electronic Health Record Software provides many features that streamline workflows and improve patient experiences. The software features a patient portal, e-prescribing capabilities, and secure document management. It also has a claims scrubber and an interactive patient engagement portal. The RXNT EHR service is ONC-certified for health care practices and offers an integrated healthcare IT solution. It also helps providers increase revenue by providing real-time eligibility checks, monitoring practice data, and analyzing projected revenues.

There are plenty other EMR/EHR systems as well including Kareo, AdvancedMD, UroChart EHR, NetSmart, Athena, and more.



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