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33 Great Airfood Recipe Choices for Air Fryers

  1. Air Fryer Chicken Wings: Perfectly crispy and delicious, these wings are a must-try.
  2. Air Fryer French Fries: Skip the deep fryer and try these crispy fries made in the air fryer.
  3. Air Fryer Fried Chicken: A healthier version of a classic comfort food.
  4. Air Fryer Onion Rings: Crispy and crunchy, these onion rings are perfect as a snack or appetizer.
  5. Air Fryer Salmon: Quick and easy, this salmon is a great weeknight dinner option.
  6. Air Fryer Zucchini Fries: A healthy and delicious alternative to traditional fries.
  7. Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets: Homemade chicken nuggets made healthier in the air fryer.
  8. Air Fryer Fish and Chips: Get that classic pub-style fish and chips right at home.
  9. Air Fryer Tofu: A flavorful vegetarian option that’s quick and easy to make.
  10. Air Fryer Bacon: Yes, you can make crispy bacon in the air fryer!
  11. Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts: Deliciously crispy and seasoned to perfection.
  12. Air Fryer Pork Chops: Juicy and tender pork chops made in the air fryer.
  13. Air Fryer Falafel: Crispy on the outside, tender and flavorful on the inside.
  14. Air Fryer Chicken Tenders: Quick and easy to make, these chicken tenders are perfect for a weeknight meal.
  15. Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries: A healthy and tasty alternative to traditional fries.
  16. Air Fryer Shrimp: Perfectly cooked and seasoned shrimp in just minutes.
  17. Air Fryer Beef Kabobs: Juicy and tender beef skewers that are easy to make in the air fryer.
  18. Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks: Cheesy and delicious, these mozzarella sticks are a crowd-pleaser.
  19. Air Fryer Tater Tots: Crispy and delicious, these tater tots are a perfect snack or side dish.
  20. Air Fryer Broccoli: Healthy and delicious, these roasted broccoli florets are seasoned to perfection.
  21. Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan: A classic Italian dish made healthier in the air fryer.
  22. Air Fryer Popcorn Shrimp: Bite-sized and flavorful, these popcorn shrimp are a hit with seafood lovers.
  23. Air Fryer Chicken Thighs: Juicy and flavorful, these chicken thighs are easy to make in the air fryer.
  24. Air Fryer Corn on the Cob: Roasted corn on the cob that’s perfectly seasoned and delicious.
  25. Air Fryer Falafel Burger: A vegetarian burger option that’s healthy and flavorful.
  26. Air Fryer Sausage: A quick and easy breakfast option that’s perfectly cooked in the air fryer.
  27. Air Fryer Fried Rice: A healthier version of a classic takeout dish made in the air fryer.
  28. Air Fryer Turkey Burger: A healthier burger option that’s flavorful and delicious.
  29. Air Fryer Chicken Quesadilla: A quick and easy lunch or dinner option that’s packed with flavor.
  30. Air Fryer Crab Cakes: Delicious and crispy crab cakes that are easy to make in the air fryer.
  31. Air Fryer Carrots: Healthy and flavorful roasted carrots that are easy to make.
  32. Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers: A delicious and healthy dinner option that’s easy to make in the air fryer.
  33. Air Fryer Grilled Cheese: A classic sandwich made even better in the air fryer with perfectly melted cheese and crispy bread.


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